SFX Cinema Central Phuket is the ultimate in big screen entertainment. It is located on the on the 3rd floor of the Central Festival Mall, on the By Pass Road, on the edge of Phuket Town. It has six, Dolby sound system theatres, plus a First Class Theatre.

The First Class Theatre has an exclusive area where pre movie drinks and canapes are served. When entering the threate drinks and popcorn will be given. The seats are very large, comfortable and recline and a blanket is provided.

The other six theatres have three classes of seating :-

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Movies showed are popular, big feature Western Blockbuster movies with English soundtrack and Thai subtitles, although check as some Western movies are dubbed in Thai. There are also Thai movies some, but not all have English sub titles.

Before the start of every movie the Thai national anthem is played, during which all persons including foreigners are expected and must stand to show respect and admiration for the monarchy.