Thip Barden Phuket has been established for well over 20 years, and has during that time built long term, lasting relationships with many customers, by providing professional, reliable, value for money services.

They provide a very wide range of gardening services to meet customer needs and requirements. They can help with landscaping,
garden design, planting, maintenance and water sprinkler and irrigation equipment and systems.

Key Services & Products
Landscape Gardening Design, Garden Renovation and Maintenance, Gardening Training Courses on Flower Arranging and on Garden Landscaping, Ornamental Plants, Pots and Figures, Free Consultation on all Garden issues, Export Service for Plant Cuttings and Seeds, Design and installation of Irrigation and Sprinkler Systems, Plant Rental Service, Ponds, Aquariums and Fish such as Carp and Tropical Fish, Garden Lighting