Marinelife Limited Partnership is where you can shop for perfect replicas of crafted fiberglass fishes. This workshop in Chalong comes with some of beautiful works of art on display.

A variety of designs including table-mounts, wall-mounts, on shields as trophies and as freestanding individual pieces depending on your preference.

Some of the examples are manta rays hanging from the ceiling, reef-coral fish in display cases and leopard sharks on the floor.

A large stingray spanning 135 cm across and 206 cm from head to tail looks so real. Dorado's, blue marlin, jack mackerel, groupers, coral trouts, tiger trouts and many others are displayed on the walls.

We are found about 100 metres off Chao Fah east road heading to Kan Eang 2 Restaurant in Chalong. Call us before your visit is recommended.