As the first-in-Thailand place of its kind, Phuket Butterfly Garden & Insect World was founded by Dr. Prasit Koysiripong in February 1990 under the name "Phuket Butterfly Garden & Insect World"

Besides being created as a place for the public to admire the beautiful and amazing natural creation, the Phuket Butterfly Garden & Insect World was also built as a research centre on butterflies and insects in their natural habitats.

The study is aimed to help bring about greater understanding amongst visitors on the life of butterflies and insects. We hope that you will appreciate and help preserve these wonderful, valuable and fragile creatures.

All butterflies in the "Phuket Butterfly Garden & Insect World" are bred here. We take part in breeding and preserving endangered and rare species.

After the breeding process, a number of butterflies are sent back to nature to help create ecological balance by letting them breed naturally.

Various kinds of flowers, both domestic and international, have been grown in our own nursery to serve the joy of tourist. Our new presentation allow people to use more time in the garden, help them to observe butterfly life cycle in action including eggs, caterpillars, pupa, and adults. Furthermore, the tourist will have an opportunity to watch when they feed, playing with the wind, flying from one flower to another, mating, and laying eggs. Walk in the garden while thousands of butterfly flying around; just an inch away!!!

We open daily 09:00 - 17:00