The Natural Restaurant is the only truly authentic Thai food restaurant in Phuket, using skilled chefs who have created the delightful flavours of classical Thai cooking with their great knowledge of tradition and an exotic palette of spices. This restaurant is an affordable ambience - a special treat for anyone who loves good living and wonderful food.Ingredients are selected daily from the highest quality suppliers and this is reflected in the flavours & presentation of each dish.The Natural Restaurant provides an ideal location to relax, unwind & socialise in a comfortable environment.

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Our long-time and well known Phuket restaurant is called "Thamachat" Which in Thai means Natural...

And it is. Nature surrounds every table, and the cuisine is... Naturally Very Good. We have 2 very interesting floors, that's actually 3 floors and really 4, but they're all at different levels with different stairs and...

You can even find little waterfalls here, and every where is filled with antiques and other interesting items of present and past, all tucked in among the vines and the rafters.

It can be hot and sunny outside but inside it is always cool, shaded, refreshing, delicious and very interesting.

With 31 tables, 110 seats and many fascinating cozy little eating nooks! For more than 10 years our Friendly Staff has been making customers feel warmand welcome while serving the very best of Thai & International Dishes. We wait to serve you.

Enjoy our special Menu Choices like Sateh, Yam Nua, Fresh Oysters, Tom Kha Kai, Kai Hou Bai, Teu Por Pia Thod Pra Chan which is Mixed Seafood in Hot Plate.

No matter how many times you relax here you will always find something newand interesting to see!

Through Rasada Rd Circle & left at Chinese temple Unique Thai restaurant with possibly the most innovative décor on the island. Located in the heart of Phuket Town. An absolute ‘must’ if you’re in town.

Menu Items
Homok: 30 Baht
Fresh Oysters: 40 Baht
Moo Satae - Pork satay: 60 Baht
Pork/Beef Mussamun: 80 Baht
Curry Duck with coconut milk: 80 Baht
Tom Yam Kung: 80 Baht
Fried Rice in Pineapple: 80 Baht
Fried Tiger Prawn with chilli & garlic: 90 Baht
Deep Fried Soft Skin Crab: 120 Baht
Beef Hot Plate: 150 Baht
Plus more than 200 items on our menu!

From The Restaurant
For over 17 years, the Natural Restaurant has been one of Phuket City’s best offerings, providing good food and good service in a unique ambience. A huge range of Thai food, as well as many international favourites – and hard to beat beer prices – make it an excellent place for any occasion. See