Phuket Abalone Farm Co., Ltd.

Phuket is a province situated in the southern region of Thailand. Being Thailand's largest island, surrounded totally by the Andaman Sea and occupied with many sub-islands in the south and east, this makes the geography of Phuket radically differs from other provinces. There are several ways to reach Phuket. Via ship is certainly a possibility. By land, there is only one access from Phangnga province, across Sarasin Bridge/ Thao Thep Kasatree Bridge (in parallel) leading to Phuket. Also Phuket has an
international airport in the north-west of the island as a last option.

The landscape and climate of Phuket itself has an advantage for cultivating marine animals, due to being an island surrounded by natural succulent Andaman Sea, with a suitable salinity and remote of polluting massive industrial factories. This location stance to be the best marine animal cultivation area best suiting for abalone.

(Phuket's coast, tourist attraction rich in nature beings)

The species of abalone cultivated at Phuket Abalone Farm is Haliotis diversicolor.
Originate in Japan and Taiwan, they are developed to adapt and survive on Thailand's warm water, and could be harvested throughout the year. To assure the absense of contamination, the farm maintain filtered cleaned water include close recirculatory system throughout the life cycle of an abalone.

Established since 21st October 2002 by Sitthisak Muangsin, D.V.M., Parnjai Muangsin, D.V.M. and research team, the primary objective of the organization is to be able to cultivate abalone at commercialized quality level in Thailand. Studies and experiments are conducted in Phuket province where the sea water is clean and uncontaminated from industrial factories. At present, Phuket Abalone Farm succeeded in cultivating abalone broodstock, nursery abalone seeds, all the way to raising abalone to a desirable size and quality using a modern closed system, assured by GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) system which was certified by the Ministry of Agriculture in department of fisheries. In addition, the company's close & recirculation system has received Thailand Innovation Award 2008, in economic field for "complete abalone cultivation system" from National Innovation Agency, Ministry of Science and Technology, Thailand.

Seaside restaurant offering authentic Chinese abalone dishes & products

A company group conducting researches on "Abalone", a typical type of shellfish, compose of unique nourishments and nutrients. Phuket Abalone Group comprehends from the basis of abalone cultivation up to an advance, innovated, high value processing.

Phuket Abalone Group is divided into 3 affiliates:
1. Phuket Abalone Farm Co., Ltd.
2. Phuket Collagen Co., Ltd.
3. The Secret of Beauty Co., Ltd.

Our vision
"World Leader in Innovation Biotechnology Abalone Products for Health and Beauty"