Welcome to the best amazing cobra show in Phuket...

Before visiting us you might think that snakes are slimy slippery cold. After your visit at Phuket cobra show and snake farm you may love them or least have learned that snake do not deserve a reputation as killers but as adorable wonders of nature. Take the chance to hold or get near these often misunderstood creatures.

Thailand is home to more than 50 species of snakes, including several poisonous varieties, and a spine-tingling (but safe) way to see them is at a snake show. Watch as seemingly fearless snake handlers charm, caress, harass and even kiss various species of snakes, including spitting vipers and, most startlingly, king cobras.

The show is both educate on at and entertraining.

Full show:
You can see the snake man kiss the deadly poisonous king cobra the siames cobra.
Play the poisonous man grove snake and even catch it with his mouth.
Show with the very funny copper head racer who can jump up to 2 meters.
You can take pictures with a python around your neck.
You can walk around in our tropical garden and see many different kind of snakes , birds , lizards , jungle cats

Adult 300 THB
Children 200 THB
Open: daily from 09:00 to 18:00