Our training camp is a very professional gym and has expert trainers. The muay thai training camp and fitness gym has been open for 25 years and continues to be one of the best boxing facilities in Thailand. Our training camp are the longest history of Muay Thai in Phuket and the owner is Thai people ," Mr. Suwit ", then you will get the real and friendly culture of Thai people . Then Suwit camp is operated by Thai people . (Learn Muay Thai must train with real training camp from Thai people) . Suwit training camp is the biggest muay thai boxing gym (camp) on Phuket island and has champion muay thai boxers shows at Muay Thai stadium in Phuket Thailand, Bangkok stadium . Our muay thai boxing training camp has over 20 muay thai boxers.

Muay Thai Camp Location

Our gym is located at Tombol Chalong, Amphur Muang, Phuket Thailand. The muay thai boxing training camp is in the southern area of Thailand. Phuket is a beautiful island which is a great place to train or tour . This beautiful island is called "Andaman of Pearl"(heaven of island). Muay thai is not the only thing that goes on in Phuket. Our muay thai boxing home is the biggest island in Thailand with nice beaches for muay thai boxers to relax such as Patong Beach, Karon Beach , Kata Beach and Phem-Thep Cape. Train in muay thai boxing camp or come for a vacation or honeymoon. Muay thai training camp in Phuket, Thailand is one of the top muay thai boxing camp in the world.
Our equipment for muay thai boxing is of high quality and includes a full size ring for muay thai boxing, speed bags for muay thai training, long bags, 3 training rings , ropes to increase endurance in muay thai , and weights for muay thai fighters to stay strong for their muay thai boxing matches. Our muay thai boxing gym is clean and safe for all in training with good environment.

Price for learning Muaythai for course we will prepare trainers who have high experience and skill about boxing and have special technique for the beginner until you become a professional boxer. We are welcome everyone , beginners , pro fighters , women and children.
1 Time 500 Thai Baht ( 15 USD , 12 EUR )
1 Week(6 Days) 3,000 Thai Baht ( 93 USD , 71 EUR )
1 Month 9,500 Thai Baht ( 297 USD , 226 EUR )
(32 Thai Baht = 1 US dollar , 42 Thai Baht = 1 Euro ) [Currency Converter]
For the period of learning and convenience for you we suggest at least 1-week courses but if you would like to learn to be an expert we give the best advise to take a courses for 1 month . It is good experience of muay thai training in thailand at Suwit camp .
Training Program
The muay thai training program is base on your muaythai level . Regular program ( 2 Hrs ) is include : Warm Up/Stretch , Run ( 1 - 10 Km. ) , Skip (15 Minutes) , Shadow Box (3 rounds) , Bag Work (3 rounds) , Pad Work (3 rounds) , Clinching/Sparring ( 3 rounds) , Fitness , Shadow Box (2 rounds) , Cool Down Stretch .
For more information
Suwit gym have food & rooms to service for guests who want to train with us. Information about rooms .
If you have plan to train muay thai and stay in my rooms , please Contact Us to check this special packages prices.