Sang Kha Ou is a beach resort located in the quiet southern end of Koh Lanta's East coast around 25 km from the main piers in Saladan town and 8 km from the old Chinese town. The resort with its unique many styles of accommodation like a Boat House, Tree House and Cave House is set in the surrounding tropical rain forest. There is a natural stream falling from the mountain and running through the land to the beachfront adding that true touch of nature. The beach is a very private beach to relax where you can enjoy snorkeling , kayaking and a spectacular sunrise in the morning. Recommend for guests who are looking for a quieter , peaceful and secluded place to stay with the nature, jungle, and beach creating an unforgettable experience. Sang Ka Ou is now proud of there new manager and staff who have strategically changed there approach to the business offering a very nice, friendly welcoming role.