Phi Phi The Beach Resort is prime location and excellent facilities Deluxe Villas, Superior Villas, and a coffee shop. Beach pub restaurant superlative service blends in with warm Thai hospitality makes this sanctuary for both tourists and travelers. Our hillside bungalows offer the most beautiful views of the ocean and the island. Each room has private balcony and pathway leading to the restaurant and the pool. All rooms include air-conditioning, hot and cold water, satellite TV, mini-bar, and telephone. The resort faces the warm water and cool breeze of the Andaman Sea, This creates a relaxed and secluded atmosphere. We also have swim able waterfall pool by the beach. Blacktip reef sharks, anemone fishes, and wonderful corals are frequent sightings, plus powder white sand beach, only a short distance from the town of Ton Sai Bay. Guests will find the tropical heaven of their dreams.friendly staff, including diving longswim, snorkeling, sightseeing