Among the others, Aonang Phu Petra Resort is to be discovered lying just ahead of panoramic mountain view on Aonang Beach in Krabi. Meticulous and delicate in decoration of Thai contemporary style blending with southern scent of all spacious 25 villas equipped with thoughtful amenities on 5.50 Rais aim for soft opening within this coming October 2009 plus 44 deluxe rooms more for building will soon be opened in the following year.

Why it comes to “Aonang Phu Petra Resort”?

A panorama of mountain locates prominently in front of villas inspired us to call it “Phu” which means a mountain. The numerous cave paintings of sailboats, probably drawn by pirates who paused in the cave on their travels from west to east many hundreds years ago in Viking cave, a famous tourist destination on the east side of the northern peninsula of Koh Phi Phi Le in Krabi, is a source of “Petra” which means sailboat. Mixing it together made it to be "Phu Petra" and that is just the starting point.

Through the delight of a culinary journey, the restaurant serves local delicacies and international favorite. Local art and culture integrated with local handicraft and architecture are our inspiration that can be discovered in every corner of Sila Petra Restaurant. A space adheres to nature approached toward ornament mountain; texture, textile and particular feature of boat are well combined in a united way made the design beyond its uniqueness.