Just a few minutes from Phuket International airport, neatly tucked away in the natural, tranquil beach of Nai yang and away from the busy activities of city life , you find Perennial Resort. An exquisite resort, featuring 3 villa's, amidst the lush scenic beauty of Phuket Island This unique small resort lavishly mixes Phuket Culture and Modern Design, enticing you to a special, yet exclusive, serene and soothing environment, where you can sit back, relax and indulge yourself. Early in the morning and evening, while still in the comfort and warmth of your bed, or jogging alongside the beach, the emerald sea softly whispers calmness and peace, leaving you rejuvenated, stress free and ready to take on another day with a clear mind. Visit Perennial Resort for a rejuvenating experience every time.