The Racha, Thailand’s premier deluxe island hideaway is set on a pristine beach on Racha Island; only 12 miles south of Phuket just 35 minutes by speed boat from Phuket’s Chalong Bay. The resort features 85 luxurious villas and strives to be recognized as a leader in responsible and environmentally sustainable tourism. The island is known for its natural beauty and is since long known for its excellent corals and marine life.

The Racha has been designed to blend in with the existing terrain of the land and care has been taken to ensure the 85 luxurious single-storey villas and annex buildings do not stick out like sore thumbs ruining the natural profile of the land. No cutting and filling of the land was allowed. We aim to be at the fore-front of ecologically & environmentally responsible architecture and development. Each and every building has been carefully set up and located on site by the architect and owners. Many of our villas have trees coming through the terraces and back yards. We would rather cut the eaves of our roofs than to cut the trees. For every tree that is cut, 2 trees are planted to replace it. All villas have double thick exterior walls – to reduce load on air conditioning. Use condensate water from the air conditioning system to fill the foot bath outside each villa for washing of feet. There are no fabric curtains in the entire resort – to cut down on laundry. Recover heat from Generators for laundry. Energy saving lighting design – use of rope lights & low power energy saving lamps. Sewage treatment system. Use ozone instead of Chlorine in all pools.