Concaved Beach Restaurant is the newest outlet of Safari Beach Hotel. Concaved Beach Restaurant is located right in the very center of Patong bay and boasts the best view for diners in Patong. The blend of indoor and outdoor dining areas and the perfect white-on-white theme creates a charming and amazing atmosphere. Concaved Beach Restaurant offers diners authentic French cuisine prepared by a highly experienced French chef, and also serves seafood, Thai and international cuisine.

Cuisine: Seafood, Chinese, Thai & French specialties
Opening Hours: Daily 10.00 - 24.00
Capacity: 220 guests

Concaved Beach Restaurant is located at the center of Patong bay. We are provide the real tasted of French cuisine by an high experience French chef. We also served Seafood, Thai food and International food too. Concaved is the perfect place for a couple or family to enjoy the romantic sunset combination with the sound of the sea and the perfect food.

For dining with the best view in Patong beach you can find concaved hard to beat. Talking center stage in world famous Patong beach, close the beach is the stunning setting for dinning concaved beach restaurant. It’s difficult not to over state the view but it’s truly breathtaking with the sunset you would find it hard to beat anywhere in the world.

Open daily 9.00 am. – 12.00 pm.

The True Tastes of Beach Dining Seafood, Thai, French cuisine prepared by highly experienced chefs open 8.00 till late

Menu Items
Pad Thai: 100 Baht

Pork or Chicken Satay: 150 Baht
Charcoal grilled pork or chicken served with butter peanut sauce

Oven Barbecued Lobster with butter and garlic sauce: 200 Baht ++ gm

Lobster Thermidor: 200 Baht ++ gm
Stir-fried lobster with mushroom and creamy sauce, melted cheese served in lobster shell

Filet de Beouf aux Morilles: 550 Baht
Beef filet with morels

Market de Canard aux Cepes: 550 Baht
Duck breast served with potato cheese cream and cepes

Gambas ‘’Centuni‘’ Flambées Au Cognac: 600 Baht
Broiled tiger prawns with cognac and garlic sauce served with fresh cream

From The Restaurant
Concaved Restaurant is an outlet from Safari Beach Hotel and is located at the centre of Patong Bay. We provide the real taste of French cuisine and the true taste of seafood and Thai food that can be verified by your senses. Concaved is the perfect place for a couple or family to enjoy a romantic sunset combination with the sounds of the sea and the perfect food.