The high quality fish ball manufacturer, Kejmukda Co, Ltd and Restaurant provides a 100% Yellowtail Snapper Fish Ball, an OTOP awarded winning product which is popularly exported to other countries such as USA and Malaysia. There fish balls are very delicious and nutritious, as they use only rich Omega-3 unsaturated fat. The original, foot long and Kejkaew fish balls are a few of their signature products. The Deep-fried fish skin, Tom yum fish ball noodle, Clear soup fish ball noodle and other authentic flavors are popular as well. The award winning Kejmukda Fishball Restaurant is nestled in Srisuchat Village (11 Alley). From the main junction of Toyota Pearl Co, Ltd Koh Kaew area, driving into Chalermprakiat 9 Road (By Pass) keep going on this road and in less than 10 minutes, turn left when you see Srisuchat Tranportation, then go straight for around 300 metres, you will see this local house style restaurant on the right hand side.