Welcome to Phuket Paradise Buggy & ATV Adventure - Fun & Exciting

Both our all terrain fields have been created for you to enjoy the nature as well as the fun in an exclusive way, and for those who come for their first time, it is just an easy ride to start with, in our special beginner's field

Please come and discover a new kind of exciting adventure : 4 wheel dirve motocycle. We, Phuket Paradise Buggy & ATV Adventure will take you out to ride on exciting tracks of our own. Immerga yourself in a beautiful and exclusive nature, feel the thrill of hte up and downhill slopes, experience curves and humps of our well designed all terrain field, the wonderful experience will be unforgettable!.

Come and get the thrill with us in any of our two fields; Phuket Paradise Buggy & ATV Adventure bring only your thirst for adventure and the rest is our job!

Ride trough the real jungle with ATV, hard curves and extremely rough terrain awits for you. Now we're ready for night safari ATV. Once in your life time with real wildlife.

ATV On Tour by Phuket Paradise Trip