Sound system rentals are our business!

We are a PA & Sound System Rental company as well as designers and sellers of new sound systems. We have over 30 years of experience as Event Specialists doing concerts, weddings, parties, yacht club races, presentations, festivals, business sales meetings, etc. of many sizes and themes. We are excited about the new year and promise 2013 will be bigger and better for us at Phuket Sound as we have added another system to our inventory. And wireless headset mics, and much more.

Here’s a money-saving idea for your next party or social function: rent a sound system to use with your iPod, MP3 player or other entertainment media. It’s far less costly than hiring a band or DJ and — what’s more important — YOU control the mood, you control the playlist, you can stop or start things going according to YOUR program, rather than someone else’s.

Of course, we also supply PA and sound equipment for live music acts (including back line, drums, amps, keyboards, etc.) and DJ shows. The choice is yours — and that’s the point.

A good sound system is optimal for amplifying music and movies, and is a necessity for ensuring any event involving more than a handful of people will come off without annoying hiccups. Thus, for weddings, trade shows, multi-media or film presentations securing a powerful, reliable system is a priority.

Don’t let your event be spoiled by unwise cost-cutting. If you have a band coming, make sure a professional sound system is in place and ready to use.

Each of PhuketSound’s public address systems includes speakers on stands, amplifiers and mixer. When thinking about which system to choose, consider both crowd size and the size and nature of the venue. So if, for example, you are trying to reach 100 people outdoors, our medium venue sound system is probably perfect, but we might recommend the same system for up to 250 people indoors. We also can offer subwoofers on our bigger systems to get the low end pumping.

The difference has to do with acoustics and that’s where professional expertise plays an important part. We’ve been setting up sound systems, PAs, and stage equipment for more than 40 years at venues and events of all sorts. We are sure we can find the right mix for you.

Our biggest system handles up to 150 people outdoors or 300 indoors. Our smallest is perfect for parties of up to 30-40 people.

All our sound systems come complete with Microphones, Cables, Stands and include delivery & pick-up, With On-Site Engineer.

We also offer: DJs, masters of ceremony (MC), wedding Celebrants or officiants, photographers, videos, live bands, solo acts, duos, 3-piece, 4-piece, and 5-piece full-on Rock or Jazz bands as well as lighting and DJ equipment for hire. Also, we have added drum kits, congas, bongos, bass guitar, electric (Fender) guitars, acoustic guitars, keyboards as well as amps for all these instruments. Whatever you may need, rest assured your event can run smoothly with good quality equipment and sound.

At PhuketSound, we are event specialists having managed and coordinated many different kinds of events including Corporate events, trade shows, weddings, nightclubs, fairs, and parties of all kinds.

See our gallery for some of our events we have coordinated or provided sound and music for.

What do YOU need?

Quote from a recent wedding event at the JW Mariott:

“I was blown away by the professionalism and great sound. We all had a great time and really enjoyed the great music.”