Morn Car Rent Phuket has been in the car rental business for over 10 years. All our customers are foreigners, including Phuket’s first time visitors, retirees, tourists arriving in Phuket by boat and businessmen. Our experience and knowledge of foreigners’ ways of life and exotic culture have made us better understand our customers’ needs. Consequently our first time clients have always become regular customers. What impressed them the most are our  quality of service and good rental rates which are spread by word of mouth.

We offer the usual fantastic services of short or long term, at Phuket Airport, 24-hour road side service, first-class insurance, and free pick up & delivery for a rent at least 3 days. The lessee must have a valid driving license and be aged 21 years or more.

In addition to car rentals, we offer tour booking services to Phi Phi Island and Phang-Nga’s James Bond Island, speed boat rentals and many more travel services.