Freediving Thailand Andaman Apnea is a professional freediving center located close to Phuket. We offer personalized training to improve your skills as well. Hold Your Breath!

Discover the unique sport of freediving close to Phuket, on Racha Yai island in the heart of the Andaman sea. Learn to dive on a single breath and improve your skills with professional AIDA and Apnea Academy instructors.

Andaman Apnea offers freediving education and training in Phuket, Thailand. Freedive certification courses by AIDA and Apnea Academy and spesialized training camps for all level apnea divers.

Miguel Vannieuwenhoven

AIDA Instructor
AIDA International Judge
President and founding member of AIDA Thailand

Founder of the Andaman Apnea freediving education and training center in Phuket, Miguel is a long time freediver from back in the 90s where the sport was only at the beginning of his wonderful expansion. After several years of competitive diving, he decided to concentrate on teaching and judging. At the center he is in charge of the AIDA and Apnea Academy freedive courses as well as the discovery sessions and the deeper training dives.

Lucie Ogay

Swimm Sports Instructor
Certified lifesaver

Former high level swimmer and synchronised swimmer, Lucie is in charge of the teaching to the younger ones. From the first time in the water to teaching them advanced swimming techniques and training. Passionate freediver as well, she often operates as backup safety buddy for the deeper dives.

Nicolas Laporte

AIDA International Judge Instructor

Among the most experienced AIDA juges in the world, Nicolas is part of the very few Judge Instructors able to certify new Judges. Long time freediver as well, Nicolas took part in many competitions especially in the Free Immersion discipline. He is in charge of the Judge Courses witch take place one a year at Andaman Apnea freediving education and training center.