Every time I woke up to go to the beach I thought, “where could I get a breakfast with good coffee and croissants as in Italy?” But there was no place to go.

Every time I return from the beach I thought, “where I could stop for a drink while enjoying a nice glass of wine?” But there was no place to go.

I wanted a quiet place to chat with friends, stop and read a magazine, a book, or just browse the internet comfortably seated, enjoying a cool beer drinking and delicacies not found anywhere else in Phuket.

Whenever I needed to show my works and to show that there is also culture in Phuket, I could not find the right place.

One day I decided to create the Art Caffè and now I know where to go.

The idea of Art Caffè comes from the need to have a place to stop and enjoy something different. Meet friends, exchange ideas, propose initiatives, organizing events or reflect only reading, watching and perhaps enjoying a good cup of coffee.

The exhibition space is an affront to the monotony and repetitiveness of the level of artistic culture of the island, a paradise like Phuket does not have a place where culture and art blend with the natural beauty and so, after years of fruitless searching, I decided to open a restaurant where no one speaks only of conquests but where they speak of themselves, their sensitivity and value, where people can sit and concentrate and get distracted with a new proposal.

Art Caffè is the dream of completing my life in search of absolute beauty.


Alessio Cocchi