Since 1992 we have been operating the ONLY fully licensed Bungy Jump in Phuket. Our site fully complies with strict regulations in regards to equipment and safety procedures.

Our business operations are overseen by a registered S.A.N.Z. jump master. S.A.N.Z. stands for the 'STANDARD ASSOCIATION OF NEW ZEALAND. Our jump is also managed by a jump master from the home of Bungy - New Zealand.

A Day You Will Never Forget

For many of you this will be your first jump! so below we have listed a few details of what to expect when you arrive and to give you an idea of how long you will be with us.

Upon Arrival
We will weigh you so we can prep the bungy, if you want to be dunked in the water now is the time to tell us!!

Safety and Harness
Our harness straps to your ankles, one of our jump masters will ensure you are secure before going up to 50 meters !

Jump Time
Our jump cage is a sliding lift attached to the crane shaft, it is not suspended on a wire and gradually climbs up to maximum jump height.
And Finally, JUMP!... of course we can give you a nudge if you like! Once you get to the bottom you can collect your Certificate Of Courage!

Skilled Professional operate all our different types  of Bungy: