Chao Fah Andaman Pet Hospital is located on Chao Fah (East) Road near Chalong Circle – one of Phuket’s business areas. Our hospital began services on July 25, 2010, a veterinary hospital with high – end equipment and a full range of modern medical services. One of the most comprehensive pet hospitals in Phuket islands. Our commitment is to be the centre of fauna of the Southern, Thailand.
We provide a full range of care and modern services
1. Medical Services
1.1 Laboratories / Diagnostics
- Automated Cell Count (CBC)
- Blood Chemistries
- Computed Radiography
- Digital Ultrasound
- Echocardiogram
- Blood Pressure Measurement
- Oximeter
- Electrocardiography (EKG)
- Tonometer
- Ophthalmoscope
- Schirmer Tear Test
- Otoscope
- In-house Lab
- Wood’s lamp
- Fasting Blood Sugar
- Bacterial and fungal Culture
- FNA and Biopsy
- Phenobarbital Blood Level
- Blood Cross Match
- Test Kits for Dogs
- Test Kits for Cats

1.2 Outpatient Services
- Preventative Health Maintenance
- General Practice Clinic
- Cat Medical Center
- Bone & Joint Center
- Cardio- Respiratory Clinic
- Neurology Examination
- Dermatology and Allergy Examination
- Uro - Genital Tract Examination
- Diabetes and Endocrine Examination
- Ophthalmology Examination
- Oral and Dental Examination
- Cancer and Chemotherapy
- Emergency and Critical Care
- Exotic Pet Examination
- Blood Transfusion
- Pet Boarding Service

1.3 Surgery and Anesthetic Services
- Soft Tissue Surgery
- Orthopedic Surgery
- Dentistry Services

1.4 Hospitalized Care
- Dog Ward
- Cat Ward
- Infected Ward
- Oxygen Cage (24 hours)

2. Pet Shop
- Dog and Cat Foods
- Prescription Diets
- Nutraceutical & Supplement Products
- Pest Control Products
- Exotic Pet Foods
- Animal Cages
- Transportation Cages
- Pet Accessories

3. Grooming & Bathing Services
- Warm Water Bathing
- Hair Cut/Dry
- Cleaning/ Hair & Nail Trimming/ Pest Control (Ticks, Dog Flea Dip and etc...)

4. Delivery & Transportation Services
We provide Delivery & Transportation Services to your home’s doors. Just give us a call or send your inquiry via e-mail, if you would like to use our transportation services. We provide the services only for customers who would like to get their pets for medical treatment, shopping at a pet shop or grooming and bathing services at our hospital only.
We enjoy serving clients and their pets, and we want to make your visit with us an enjoyable and professional experience, just as we would want ourselves. If you are experiencing any difficulty in obtaining the service that you need please let the front desk staff or the doctor know and we will handle it as soon as possible.

If anything is not reached to your satisfaction, please email Dr. Jiradet or Dr. Sasithorn Trairatthanom at:

If you have a compliment or a commendation for a Team Member, by all means please let us know! We always look to validate, reward, and recognize Staff Members who go above and beyond in the service of our customers and their pets.

Thank you again for choosing Chao Fah Andaman Pet Hospital, and we look forward to providing the best service possible for you and your pet.