Thanyapura Integrative Health Centre (TIHC) focuses on three main areas which help individuals to achieve optimal performance.

TIHC utilises the most advanced laboratory technology in the world to assess blood
samples for nutrition, hormone status, neurotransmitters, genetics and more. By using
advanced tests, a simple blood draw can be much more telling than a regular hospital
blood test.

TIHC can also prescribe customised nutrition, hormonal, and pharmaceutical formulas
made by the most advanced pharmacies in Europe and Asia. Each formula is customised
according to the patient’s condition and blood tests and made in 3 month supplies
specifically for that client.

Through such individualised testing and supplementation, a unique treatment program to
optimise health, whether for a 6 or 60 year old, can be made.

Athletes and Sports Medicine

• Lactate testing – testing athletes for their aerobic / anaerobic limits
• Bio-monitoring – measuring exercise tolerance and stress / recovery
• Video analysis – technique analysis in conjunction with athlete’s coach
• Sports nutrition – specific strategies for at
• Altitude training – improve oxygen delivery for exercise / altitude acclimatization
• Physiotherapy – treatment of acute and chronic musculoskeletal injuries.

Children’s and Family Health

• Allergies – investigating specific food allergies for ch
• Learning difficulties – nutritional and metabolic blocks to learning
• Children’s nutrition – nutrition specific for children
• Chromotherapy and Light therapy

Preventative Medicine and Anti-aging Medicine

• Male and female health performance programs for optimal aging
• Weight loss programs
• Disease specific programs (heart, kidney, diabetes etc)
• Genetic testing – testing for disease risk, aging

TIHC also host visiting consultants in various disciplines such as chiropractics, sports medicine specialists, orthotics, and acupuncturists.