So Thai Spa is a group of spas in Bangkok, Phuket and London, which all operate under the So Thai Spa name and are committed to the high standards that the So Thai Spa brand represents.

So Thai Spa Phuket
So Thai Spa Phuket is a day spa set within the Citin Plaza Hotel complex, close to the center of Patong, and offering the same spa treatments and packages as So Thai Spa Bangkok.

So Thai Spa Phuket also has a dedicated area for foot massage and special rooms with mats for traditional Thai yoga massage.

So Thai Spa | Bangkok - Phuket - London
With 2 spas in Bangkok, 1 spa in Phuket and 1 spa in London, the So Thai Spa team looks forward to welcoming you and treating you to a relaxing and rejuvenating authentic Thai spa experience.