RPM Health Club Phukets Finest Health and Fitness Club

The RPM Health Club is positioned as a high quality, design driven private health and social club for adults. RPM Health Club provides a retreat for the maintenance of its members' health and well-being. Members view the club as a necessary part toward living a healthy lifestyle so as to combat stress, disease and aging and so that they can enjoy life to the fullest with more strength, confidence and self esteem. The service orientation of the RPM Health Club provides a traditional "member" orientation rather than the "guest" orientation found at hotels or at lower quality fitness clubs or gyms. The membership base is made up of Thai and foreign Phuket residents and their guests. RPM Health Club members are looking for lifestyle advantages that go beyond the normal knowledge, science and experience found at typical gyms around the world. Members benefit from internationally trained staff and enjoy exercise options that include more sophisticated programs that encourage core muscle strength, better balance, greater flexibility, more agility, and the ability to continue to play their favorite sports. RPM Health Club Personal Trainers apply a sound framework of exercise physiology, exercise psychology, sport biomechanics, diet and nutrition advice to the exercise and lifestyle prescription for the members of RPM Health Club so that they may achieve all of their goals, whatever they may be. The training parameters will include, but not be limited to, one-on-one or two-on-one personal training sessions, group fitness classes, sport specific training sessions and corporate team building.