Xtreme Adventures Phuket

An Experience You Will Never Forget ! Xtrem Adventures Phuket are providing a new level of quality adventure entertainment not previously seen in Phuket catering to fun-loving adventure seeking young people of all ages. Situated in beautiful forest near Big Buddha and Luang Pu Suppha Temple on Chaofa Road, only 5 mins. drive from Chalong circle, Xtremaventures Phuket is a European style rope and tree climbing adventure park, based on the internationally recognised Aventure Parc concept developed originally in France. The concept is derived from military commando training courses to create a playground for adults and children. Safety is a paramount concern and all safety equipment (including overalls, harness and gloves) and safety training are provided to guests. At all times, they remain protected by a safety line or safety net in case of slips or falls. Trained guides roam around the park ensuring that safety methods are always used. The equipment and installations are regularly assessed by the independent professional company, Ceres Control France ( Xtremeaventures is designed for family fun, fitness, tourist adventure and corporate team building. Children and adults alike will love the exhilaration of a big healthy day out with courses designed to be fun and challenging for all ages. Develop sports skills, hang about in the trees, clear the branches and reach the top of the trunk. Climb the ladders, learn to balance on the bridges and jump on to flying foxes - it's great fun and it's safe.