Muay Thai Training Program

Thailand Camp provides one of the best Muay Thai training experiences in all of Phuket and Thailand. Benefit from top Thai boxing trainers who live, breath and sleep Muay Thai. Included in the Thailand Camp Muay Thai Training Program, you get: 1 daily VIP 1-on-1 training session with the trainer of your choice 1 daily Group training session with other Muay Thai students 3 daily Muay Thai meals including high protein, complex carbs, anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals. Plus, you get 1 diet shake everyday. More details:

Weight Loss / Fitness Program

If your looking to lose weight or get super-fit, then our Weight Loss / Fitness Program is perfect for you. We have top fitness trainers and nutrition experts to help you reach your goals. Included in the Weight Loss / Fitness Program, you get: 1 daily weight loss / fitness VIP session 1 daily fitness group session 3 daily weight loss meals including the best fat burning foods to help you lose weight fast. Plus, you get 1 diet shake everyday. More details:

Detox Program

The Thailand Camp Detox Program has been designed to cleanse and revitalize your Mind, Body & Spirit. It is made up of 3 parts: Detoxification Diet, Body Cleansing Exercises & Rejuvenation Process. Detoxification Diet is a unique blend of foods which have been proven to help clear your digestive system and remove toxins from your body. We also do some secret things to help to really cleanse your body. Body Cleansing Exercises are a fantastic way to sweat out toxins, whilst also burning unwanted belly fat and renewing yourself. Our Rejuvenation Process includes herbal sauna's, Thai massages and little-known way's to release stress and completely renew. More details: