Yacht Broker Videos

Showcase new and used boats, using the latest online and offline video technology. Marine Scene Asia will produce a video on each of your brokerage or dealership yachts, showcasing the key selling points. The Marine Scene Asia understand marketing and that the end game is to sell a boat. We film key aspects of each boat, with sales and marketing in mind, to best presente that boat for sale to potential buyers. Concept is key – Marine Scene Asia will conceptualise what each boat clips must include, and film to a clear brief, ensuring clips are not excessively long which can detract from the online marketability of the boat. Trust Marine Scene Asia to know what you want… and to deliver it.


Yacht Charter Videos

Selling a boat and selling a boat for charter requires a different skill-set, and a different approach. Markteteers know this and Marine Scene Asia know this too. With Yacht Charter videos we are showcasing the facilities on the boat, the destinations and off-boat facilities, and the boat ‘on charter’. Static content, filmed on anchor or while berthed, does not work. If aerial footage is required, we work with the best aerial videographers in the region and can bring in this skill set to compliment Marine Scene Asia’s services. Trust Marine Scene Asia to know what you want… and to deliver it


Corporate Videos

You want to showcase your company, build your brand, highlight your products and services. Maybe you’re selling marine products, widgets, gadgets, maybe you are looking to position yourself in the marketplace. Marine Scene Asia can help you. We listen to your needs, draw-up a story board and plan and deliver the video shoot. The content may include interviews with executives, with buyers and owners, it may include onshore and offshore filming. Marine Scene Asia can film and produce for you. Trust Marine Scene Asia to know what you want… and to deliver it.


Event Videos

The Marine Scene Asia team are experienced in filming yachting events and can provide bespoke services to a regatta, rally, boat show and more. A sample of what we offer, includes: Experienced on-water and onshore professional crews using the latest professional digital High Definition cameras as well as stand-alone onboard waterproof HD cameras to capture the onboard action. Professional editing using the latest MAC technology. Produce onsite daily clips (1-3 mins) for web use. Hosting of daily clips on Marine Scene Asia web portal. Post-event promotional Video (DVD delivered to the client). Hosting of promotional Video on Marine Scene Asia web portal. Distribution of daily clips and promotional Video through Marine Scene Asia social media network (facebook, twitter, youtube, vimeo). Highlight segment within one of the monthly Go Yachting programmes.