Churrasco Phuket's Signature Wagyu Steaks

Churrasco Phuket's signature house specialities are three Wagyu steaks. Two are Brazilian-style beef cuts, i.e. a 'Maminha' rump tip, and a 'Picanha' D-rump. Both are 500-day grainfed Wagyu steaks, marble score 5-8. The third specialty is a cut called 'Solomillo de Ternera', which is a 500-day grainfed Top-Tender Wagyu Steak cut against the grain. Steaks are available in several sizes, some up to half a kilo each, and are slow char grilled. In addition to the Wagyu steaks, we also offer 6 different Angus steaks, including a Tenderloin, Ribeye and T-bone.

Gazpacho Analuz - Iberian Vegetable Dish

Our Gazpacho is a specially blended and freshly prepared daily vegetable soup. Largely tomato based, it is traditionally served cold and originates from the southern Spanish region of AndalucĂ­a. Gazpacho is widely consumed throughout Latin countries.

Nicoise Salad

Churrasco Phuke Steakhouse offers a full range of healthy salads, along with seafood dishes, soups and a large lineup of grilled items