Churrasco Phuket's Signature Wagyu Steaks

Churrasco Phuket's signature house specialities are three Wagyu steaks. Two are Brazilian-style beef cuts, i.e. a 'Maminha' rump tip, and a 'Picanha' D-rump. Both are 500-day grainfed Wagyu steaks, marble score 5-8. The third specialty is a cut called 'Solomillo de Ternera', which is a 500-day grainfed Top-Tender Wagyu Steak cut against the grain. Steaks are available in several sizes, some up to half a kilo each, and are slow char grilled. In addition to the Wagyu steaks, we also offer 6 different Angus steaks, including a Tenderloin, Ribeye and T-bone.

Gazpacho Analuz - Iberian Vegetable Dish

Our Gazpacho is a specially blended and freshly prepared daily vegetable soup. Largely tomato based, it is traditionally served cold and originates from the southern Spanish region of Andalucía. Gazpacho is widely consumed throughout Latin countries.

Nicoise Salad

Churrasco Phuke Steakhouse offers a full range of healthy salads, along with seafood dishes, soups and a large lineup of grilled items