24 Hours Emergency Room Service

RTB’s ICU is a 24 hour emergency and urgent care facility by staffed with some of the finest certified nurses and veterinarian.


Physical Check Up

We provide the vaccination program to protect your lovely pets from life threatening disease and we have a veterinarian to give you information and guidance all about your doubt’s questions.


Animal Sterilization/ Neutering

Besides being a birth control method, and being convenient to many owners, neutering has the following health benefits


Operation & Surgery Room

We also use the most effective pain management techniques and medications to keep your pet as comfortable as possible.


Ward Area

Dog/Cat Wards Our hospital provides Dog/Cat Wards which have interchangeable doors so that the kennels can become oxygen cages if required.


X-Ray Room

We are using X-RAY Digital Machine which provided, Veterinarians with highest image quality for diagnosis and determine progression of the diseases, and that allows the users to view images in a minute after X-RAY exposures.


Digital Ultrasound

Veterinary Digital Ultrasound with highest quality offers more details about your pet’s health, easy and fast to treat and diagnosis to confirm what’s problem, had occurred on your pet.


Laboratory Room

We provide a full service state of the art laboratory where we can perform most lab work in–house to provide us with the vital information immediately to identify and treat your pet’s problems


Animal Rehabilitation

We provide a swimming pool with Hydrotherapy which can be used for recreation and conditioning and can also be a very effective form of rehabilitation.


Pet Shop

Our Pet Shop is provided many necessary products for pets such as; Dog and Cat Foods, Prescription Diets, Nutraceutical & Supplement Products, Wellness Medicine and a lot more.