1. Laboratory Room

1.1 Blood Chemistry We provide best quality of Blood Chemistry equipment for checking the function of pet’s organs such as; kidney, liver, pancreas, gall bladder and electrolyte blood level with fast and accurate diagnose-only 10 minutes to get the result. 1.2 Automate Cell Count (CBC) Automate Cell Count (CBC) is using for searching the quantity and types of corpuscle and CBC Machine can check the result within 3 minutes. Blood Profile is very important for composing with Physical Examination and other Laboratories to diagnose sick animals.

2. Computed radiography and real time microscope (X-Ray Room)

Our hospital provides high standard X-Ray Digital System. It is the same technology which general high profile hospitals are using with human. The Images from X-Ray Digital System is much clearer than Analogy System. X-Ray Digital photos are able to use many effect options to see and diagnose abnormality of sick animals much more. We also are using Microscopic Examination which is projected to monitor screen that’s easy way for veterinarian can explain what is happening to customers ‘pets.

3. Operation Room

Our hospital provides high standard Operation Room Services especially, Surgery and Anaesthetic Services, such as Soft Tissue Surgery, Orthopaedic Surgery and Dentistry Services. We care for every step of the operation treatment to make sure that your pets get the most safety and customers’ satisfaction is our priority. We are using Inhalation Anaesthesia, Electrotherapy in general operation to stop animal’s bleeding during doing an operation, as well as, we are using an electrocardiogram monitor to ensure that your pets are taking less risk.