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An apartment or condo rental in Phuket is ideal for those spending a month or longer on the island. A wide variety of choices are available and monthly rates depend on several factors including; how near to the beach; ocean views; size of property; furnished or unfurnished; and length of stay.

Apartment and condos in Phuket can be rented directly through the building management company, the landlord or through a real estate company that serves as an intermediary for a commission paid by the landlord.

Phuket apartment and condo rental agreements are usually straightforward, available in English and deposits can range from one month’s rent up to four months in advance.

Renter’s unless noted in the contract are expected to pay additional monthly fees such as water usage, maintenance, cable television, cleaning service if available and electricity. Electricity rates in Thailand are high and bills can be an unpleasant surprise at the end of the month.

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