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Gibbon Rehabilitation Project

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Soi Dog Foundation

Mai Khao
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Phuket Animal Welfare Society (PAWS)

Phuket Town
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Phuket Horse Rescue

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Phuket Horse Rescue

Phuket Animal Welfare Society (PAWS)

Soi Dog Foundation

Gibbon Rehabilitation Project

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Dog Advocate

Review of Phuket Animal Welfare Society (PAWS)

Thank You for helping all those dogs and cats in need. There are no greater heroes than those who save the lives of our precious animal friends. Dog Advocate?


Review of Gibbon Rehabilitation Project

Remote but not too difficult to find, tip follow the signs for the Bang Pae Waterfall. One of the volunteers gave an account of how some of the gibbons end up here, and hopefully one day will be returned to the wild. We learnt a lot and will never again have pics taken with gibbons or other animals for that matter on the street. The entrance fee is for the Bang Pae Waterfall, so buy some gifts and drinks while there and make a donation in one of the boxes. We adopted a gibbon.


Review of Gibbon Rehabilitation Project

Last weekend I bought my children to the place my child was excited and Enjoyed weekend. The gibbon’s shouts very noisy and attracted us to see them they so lovely. I took my child walk to waterfall we have very good experience. At this project are very self sacrificing they came to nearly every visitors and present this great project.

Kathy Lu

Review of Soi Dog Foundation

If you like dogs / cats, do not miss the opportunity to visit Soi Dog Foundation here in Phuket. I spent the whole afternoon here and was so impressed! I have been sending monthly donations to Soi Dog Foundation for nearly a year now. Thanks to everyone at Soi dog. I hope to see more places like this to save animals.

Many ex-pats living in Phuket have dedicated their time and efforts to animal welfare causes.

Phuket has a number of organizations and causes that seek to protect stray cats and dogs as well as horses, Gibbon monkeys and elephants.

Below are a number of organizations that welcome volunteers, provide help or guidance in the name of animal welfare.

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