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Gibbon Rehabilitation Project
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Thalang, North Phuket

The Gibbon Rehabilitation Project (GRP) was set up in 1992 by Mr Noppadol Preuksawan, who was then the Chief of the Royal Forest Department in Phuket. In 1994 the Wild Animal Rescue Foundation of Thailand (WARF) started to and continues to this day to support the project.

The Gibbon Rehabilitation site and the Education Centre are located in Khao Phra Thaeo National Park, at Bang Pae Waterfall in Phuket. The centre aims to protect gibbons and their habitat through rehabilitation and education. They take gibbons that have been kept as pets or used for taking street photos with tourists and take them through the slow, long process of releasing them back into the forest.

The gibbons are kept in large cages and there are information boards and volunteers on hand to help answer any questions you may have. The Centre is open daily from 9am to 4.30pm. There is no charge to enter the centre visitors, but as the centre is in Khao Phra Thaeo National Park, visitors will have to pay approximately 100-200 Baht each to enter the National Park. Towards the end of your visit pop into the small, gibbon related souvenir shop.

Any donations will be warmly received or maybe you will want to adopt and support a gibbon? If driving towards Phuket Airport on the main Airport Road (Thepkasattri Road, highway 402) turn right at the Heroines Monument Traffic Circle, sign posted Ban Pakhlok onto highway 4027 after about 9km you will see a sign for Bang Pae Waterfall and the Gibbon Rehabilitation Centre indicating a left turn, left left and after about a 4km drive you will reach the Khao Phra Thaeo National Park entrance.

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  1. Remote but not too difficult to find, tip follow the signs for the Bang Pae Waterfall. One of the volunteers gave an account of how some of the gibbons end up here, and hopefully one day will be returned to the wild. We learnt a lot and will never again have pics taken with gibbons or other animals for that matter on the street. The entrance fee is for the Bang Pae Waterfall, so buy some gifts and drinks while there and make a donation in one of the boxes. We adopted a gibbon.

  2. Last weekend I bought my children to the place my child was excited and Enjoyed weekend. The gibbon’s shouts very noisy and attracted us to see them they so lovely. I took my child walk to waterfall we have very good experience. At this project are very self sacrificing they came to nearly every visitors and present this great project.

  3. This project is a lovely place to learn about the wonderful animals easily and in an inspiring environment. They just need to expand a little over the coming years but good effort guys. The donations keep the place going, I hope the volunteers are able to continue the wonderful work they’re doing.

  4. The project area is a bit cramped and gibbon cages were built on a steep slope, difficult to climb to see them. Well, I know it isn’t a zoo but I would be better if old people like us could get to their cages more easier while listening to the volunteers giving information. I must say the volunteers at this project are very self sacrificing they came to nearly every visitors and present this great project. Not an easy job but they did very good job and I love to support such work. Remember that entering gibbon project is free but you may have to pay for national park entrance fee 100-200 bht each at the main entrance gate…

  5. What a wonderful place to spend the day with the family. My kids learned all about the Gibbon monkeys and will surely learn to appreciate the importance of protecting these fragile animals. Highly recommend this place for all families.

  6. Bring the children to Bang Pae Waterfall on weekend. We never know before that the Gibbon Rehabilitation Project is located here. The gibbon’s shouts very noisy and attracted us to see them. One friendly staff comes to children and give them good info. Give a few donation before walked up to the waterfall. Enjoyed weekend

  7. Bring the kids here for a nice day out. We had lots of fun and my kids learned about the project and care for these monkeys. Its free to get in but a donation helps.

  8. One of my best friend who lives in Phuket took me to this waterfall where we visited this Gibbon Project. There, we heard nothing apart from gibbon’s shouts which were very loud and attracted us to see them! A volunteer came to us giving very good information about the project and they have multilingual leaflet. We gave some money to support the project, then walked up to the waterfall. Good experience.

  9. I’m a sucker for a good cause and who doesn’t like monkeys? The Gibbon centre is located right next to one of Phuket’s best waterfalls, so a great option if you’re looking to do something different one morning/afternoon. The only qualm I have is that the national park fee you have to pay before you can get there, I think it’s now 200 baht for foreigners and about 20 baht for Thai’s… the double pricing just really nags me.

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