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Chao Fah Andaman Pet Hospital Phuket

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Chalong, South Phuket

Chao Fah Andaman Pet Hospital is located on Chao Fah (East) Road near Chalong Circle – one of Phuket’s business areas. Our hospital began services on July 25, 2010, a veterinary hospital with high – end equipment and a full range of modern medical services. One of the most comprehensive pet hospitals in Phuket islands. Our commitment is to be the centre of fauna of the Southern, Thailand.
We provide a full range of care and modern services
1. Medical Services
1.1 Laboratories / Diagnostics
– Automated Cell Count (CBC)
– Blood Chemistries
– Computed Radiography
– Digital Ultrasound
– Echocardiogram
– Blood Pressure Measurement
– Oximeter
– Electrocardiography (EKG)
– Tonometer
– Ophthalmoscope
– Schirmer Tear Test
– Otoscope
– In-house Lab
– Wood’s lamp
– Fasting Blood Sugar
– Bacterial and fungal Culture
– FNA and Biopsy
– Phenobarbital Blood Level
– Blood Cross Match
– Test Kits for Dogs
– Test Kits for Cats

1.2 Outpatient Services
– Preventative Health Maintenance
– General Practice Clinic
– Cat Medical Center
– Bone & Joint Center
– Cardio- Respiratory Clinic
– Neurology Examination
– Dermatology and Allergy Examination
– Uro – Genital Tract Examination
– Diabetes and Endocrine Examination
– Ophthalmology Examination
– Oral and Dental Examination
– Cancer and Chemotherapy
– Emergency and Critical Care
– Exotic Pet Examination
– Blood Transfusion
– Pet Boarding Service

1.3 Surgery and Anesthetic Services
– Soft Tissue Surgery
– Orthopedic Surgery
– Dentistry Services

1.4 Hospitalized Care
– Dog Ward
– Cat Ward
– Infected Ward
– Oxygen Cage (24 hours)

2. Pet Shop
– Dog and Cat Foods
– Prescription Diets
– Nutraceutical & Supplement Products
– Pest Control Products
– Exotic Pet Foods
– Animal Cages
– Transportation Cages
– Pet Accessories

3. Grooming & Bathing Services
– Warm Water Bathing
– Hair Cut/Dry
– Cleaning/ Hair & Nail Trimming/ Pest Control (Ticks, Dog Flea Dip and etc…)

4. Delivery & Transportation Services
We provide Delivery & Transportation Services to your home’s doors. Just give us a call or send your inquiry via e-mail, if you would like to use our transportation services. We provide the services only for customers who would like to get their pets for medical treatment, shopping at a pet shop or grooming and bathing services at our hospital only.
We enjoy serving clients and their pets, and we want to make your visit with us an enjoyable and professional experience, just as we would want ourselves. If you are experiencing any difficulty in obtaining the service that you need please let the front desk staff or the doctor know and we will handle it as soon as possible.

If anything is not reached to your satisfaction, please email Dr. Jiradet or Dr. Sasithorn Trairatthanom at: [email protected]

If you have a compliment or a commendation for a Team Member, by all means please let us know! We always look to validate, reward, and recognize Staff Members who go above and beyond in the service of our customers and their pets.

Thank you again for choosing Chao Fah Andaman Pet Hospital, and we look forward to providing the best service possible for you and your pet.


1. Laboratory Room

1.1 Blood Chemistry We provide best quality of Blood Chemistry equipment for checking the function of pet’s organs such as; kidney, liver, pancreas, gall bladder and electrolyte blood level with fast and accurate diagnose-only 10 minutes to get the result. 1.2 Automate Cell Count (CBC) Automate Cell Count (CBC) is using for searching the quantity and types of corpuscle and CBC Machine can check the result within 3 minutes. Blood Profile is very important for composing with Physical Examination and other Laboratories to diagnose sick animals.


2. Computed radiography and real time microscope (X-Ray Room)

Our hospital provides high standard X-Ray Digital System. It is the same technology which general high profile hospitals are using with human. The Images from X-Ray Digital System is much clearer than Analogy System. X-Ray Digital photos are able to use many effect options to see and diagnose abnormality of sick animals much more. We also are using Microscopic Examination which is projected to monitor screen that’s easy way for veterinarian can explain what is happening to customers ‘pets.


3. Operation Room

Our hospital provides high standard Operation Room Services especially, Surgery and Anaesthetic Services, such as Soft Tissue Surgery, Orthopaedic Surgery and Dentistry Services. We care for every step of the operation treatment to make sure that your pets get the most safety and customers’ satisfaction is our priority. We are using Inhalation Anaesthesia, Electrotherapy in general operation to stop animal’s bleeding during doing an operation, as well as, we are using an electrocardiogram monitor to ensure that your pets are taking less risk.


4. Digital Ultrasound

Our equipments mostly are high quality technology including a Digital Ultrasound which is helping veterinarian to see clearer pictures of tissue of internal organs, to diagnose for mass or tumor in abdomen and chest, fetation, fetal heart beat and fetal movement which is shown in the real time and there is no side effect made from ultra- radioactivity to the fetal at all.


5. Emergency Room

5.1 Oxygen Concentrator Our Critical Care Unit is provided many Oxygen Concentrator machines for 24 hours for sick animals which are in critical cases and oxygen needed. 5.2 Infusion Pump Infusion Pump does use for infusion a fluid and medicine into a blood vessel to meet with our hospital’s policy is that “To get animals the highest treatment care, every sick animal which is sent to our hospital must get a saline solution through our Infusion Pump”


6. Dog Ward/Cat Ward

Our hospital provides Dog/Cat Wards which have interchangeable doors so that the kennels can become oxygen cages if required. These oxygen cages have piped oxygen delivered to them so that the amount of oxygen in the air that the animal is breathing (the fractional inspired oxygen) can be increased. They are particularly good for dogs & cats that have breathing problems and simply increasing the amount of oxygen in the air that they breathe can dramatically reduce stress and break the need to breathe / can’t breathe / panic cycle. These cages are temperature and humidity monitored. Showers are also available in the dog & cat wards so that any mishaps can be swiftly cleaned away to prevent any distress to the patient and the stainless steel kennels allow very high levels of hygiene to be maintained.


7. Infected Ward

We provide Infected Dog/Cat Ward for pet patients who require specialist intensive care. They may be suffering from a severe, life-threatening disease and need to be isolated from other patients to avoid cross-infection. Our Critical Ward Area is set up with rigid hygiene procedures to be followed at all times.


8. Grooming & Bathing Services

-Warm Water Bathing -Hair Cut/Dry -Cleaning/ Hair & Nail Trimming/ Pest Control (Ticks, Dog Flea Dip and etc...)


9. Pet Shop

Our Pet Shop zone is provided many necessary products for pets such as; -Dog and Cat Foods -Prescription Diets -Nutraceutical & Supplement Products -Pest Control Products -Exotic Pet Foods -Animal Cages -Transportation Cages -Pet Accessories -Delivery service


10. Delivery & Transportation Services

We provide Delivery & Transportation Services to your home’s doors. Just give us a call or send your inquiry via e-mail, if you would like to use our transportation services. We provide the services only for customers who would like to get their pets for medical treatment, shopping at a pet shop or grooming and bathing services at our hospital only.

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  1. Providing a wide range of services to support the growing number of pets and pet owners in Phuket, Chao Fah Andaman Pet Hospital is a comprehensive veterinary hospital in Phuket. Their professional staff are prompt to assist customers and their pets in emergency cases and general diagnosis. There is also a pet shop and grooming service available. The Chao Fah Andaman Pet Hospital is easy to find on Chaofa East Road, just north of Chalong Circle.

  2. This was my first time here, taking my fat cat to have his parasitic vaccine. All of them, vets and staff all look professional and friendly. I think this pet hospital could be the high end one in Chalong. Very clean, high quality service and definitely higher price. Anyway, I believe I got what I paid indeed.

  3. My 2nd time that I brought my cat to take a bath here, not impressived like the 1st time. Booked in advance about 1 week, when we arrived staff told us that they have no my cat record, what happened ??? I had to fill in form again. Bathing finished, my cats not
    much aroma maybe they changed shampoo…250 baht per cat per time

  4. I had enough kitties at home so I decided to bring my cat there for it’s neutering. Staff there were very helpful and informative. They kept asking and ensuring with me about fasting of my cat for the night before to be sure that there would be no problem after operation. I’m quite happy with their service, my cat was safe, price was probably higher than others near chalong but ok for me.

  5. After our dogs were poisoned we rushed them here. However they released the dogs to early with severe spasms and no ability to walk. According to them they couldn’t be saved. However another clinic took them in telling us it was too early to stop treatment. A few days later the dogs were not only able to walk but was 100% normal and now more than a year later we are so greatful we didn’t listen to these vets.

  6. Brought my lovely friend Labrador to this vets due to flea and tick attack. They recommended prac-tic flea & tick treatment and protection and claimed that this is the best one for now. I got 15% discount as a membership which was great but that was not my main point honestly, my friend seemed better after a week. This is a good one stop pet hospital and shop in Phuket.

  7. Does this hospital Board Hedgehogs with alot of care? I am asking this because I really want to get a hedgie but me and my family go on holiday alot so my parents don’t think that a pet is a good idea.

  8. Recommended this clinic especially exotic pets like rabbit, holland lop or squirrel. The doctor is very kind and friendly. The staff are helpful and polite. Excellent service and reasonable price. They also have delivery and transportation service. Their pet shop has various types of products to choose.

  9. For foreign expats, superb service for a price that’s a small fraction of what you’d expect to pay in the west. Recommended.

  10. Just get a little cat “Sri Trang” for my birthday gift from my parent. I bring him to this hospital because it’s near my house (near Chalong Circle). The doctor so kind, he give good suggestion.

  11. Professional full services and very helpful informative staff really impressed me. My fat cat was sick and he didn’t eat. I was very concerned but after coming here seeing a veterinarian, my lovely cat got an injection, then he looked gradually better later on. The serious instructions I got from a Doctor there were about my feeding behaviour.. I suggest this hospital to all pet lovers.

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