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Horse & Dog Vet Hospital
4.0 out of 5 based on 5 reviews.
Thalang, North Phuket

Horse & Dog Vet Hospital is specialised in caring every kind of your lovely pets including dogs, horses and even exotic pets. They are a one stop place where there is a full range of pet care services which contain a pet clinic, surgery unit, vaccination, wellness program, spa and also pet hotel etc. The hospital is located less than 5 minutes drive from the heroine monument heading to Bangtao, on the right hand side and about 50 metres passed the Ceramic Kitchen Restaurant and 50 metres before the entrance of Great Glove Thailand Co., Ltd.

Services and facilities include:

– Veterinary Medicine
– Surgery Unit
– X-RAY & Ultrasound Unit
– Laboratory Diagnosis Unit
– Spaying & Neutering
– Wellness Program
– Vaccination Program
– De-worming
– Microchip Identify
– Horse & Exotic Pets Clinic
– Dog Grooming, Spa and Hot Oil
– Pet Hotel & Off Leash Zone
– Mobile Unit & Delivery Service


Veterinary Medicine


Surgery Unit


X-RAY & Ultrasound Unit


Laboratory Diagnosis Unit


Spaying & Neutering


Wellness Program


Vaccination Program




Microchip Identify


Horse & Exotic Pets Clinic

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  1. The Horse & Dog Veterinary Hospital provides excellent treatment and care for your pets. The facilities are excellent and the veterinarians on staff are very experienced and caring. Overnight boarding is available for dogs and cats, and there is also a grooming service. The Horse & Dog Veterinary Hospital is located along Srisoonthorn Road, just after Ceramic Kitchen on the right-hand side if coming from Heroines' Monument.

  2. In early 2012 I was told by Dr Aeh and Mr Om that ” Dr “Koh aka Jumpon Rukarungsri was was a “DVM, Horse Specialist. ” On May 22 2012 He came to my stable to put a pony down and really flubbed it up badly, causing great suffering to the animal. He had no idea what he was doing and used inadequate drugs. I have a receipt for this service from THDVH. I found out only through a mistaken phone call last February that he was not qualified to act as a Dr. having never graduated vet school and was in reality just a vet technician meaning he can give injections, etc. but only under supervision of a DVM. At that time in February 2014 Kuhn Jumpon was still acting as a doctor prescribing vaccines meant for humans in inadequate doses for horses. ( Tetanus ) I have made a formal complaint to the Veterinary Council of Thailand for THDVH hiring him in 2012 and misrepresenting him to me as a Doctor, that outcome is pending- and Mr Koh has been charged by police for practicing veterinary medicine without a license and he has accepted that charge. I would be very wary of this clinic’s ethical standards for this and several other reasons.

  3. Very professional veterinary clinic. They speak English which is a bonus as my Thai is rubbish. Highly recommended if you are in this part of the island.

  4. I took my dog to Horse & Dog Veterinary Clinic last week and was very happy with their service. I found their entire staff to be welcoming, professional, and knowledgeable. They are not cheap but I highly recommend them.

  5. We always take our dog to this clinic and would highly recommend them. Recently our dog was run over by a pickup truck and quite badly hurt. They were fantastic in taking care of her and now a couple of months after the operation she is running around as if nothing had happened. Their prices are a bit higher than most but I believe you get what you pay for.

  6. I took my dog to Horse & Dog Vet Hospital for a wash and was very impressed with the result and the price.

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