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24 Hours RTB Referral Animal Hospital Phuket
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Phuket Town, Phuket Town & Central

24 hours Rattanatibeth Referral Animal (RTB) Hospital Phuket is the only ‘One Stop’ facility in southern Thailand dedicated to providing 24 hour emergency and critical care services for dogs & cats.

Every pet, whether injured or sick, will have timely access to premium treatment and diagnostics, delivered by an expert team of veterinarians, veterinary technicians, veterinary office assistants and support staff. RTB’s team members have been chosen not only for their skills, but also for their ability to do their best for you and your pet.

RTB’s veterinary team makes critical decisions with a goal to provide a current, high standard of care to their patients.


General & specific medical services
Physical check-ups
Neurologic surgery
Soft tissue surgery
Bone & joint surgery
Laboratory tests
Microchip implantation & identification
Animal rehabilitation
Snake antivenom
Blood bank
Ambulance service
Pet hotel

A growing number of pet owners are now bringing their best friends to RTB for a wide range of emergencies: heart failure, trauma, poisoning, bite wounds, lacerations, allergic reactions, abdominal pain, urinary infections, difficult births, and many more reasons. You can depend on them when your pet is in crisis. Compassionate care is close at hand.

For more information, please give us a call +66 (0) 76 213 464-5 with 24 hours services.


24 Hours Emergency Room Service

RTB’s ICU is a 24 hour emergency and urgent care facility by staffed with some of the finest certified nurses and veterinarian.


Physical Check Up

We provide the vaccination program to protect your lovely pets from life threatening disease and we have a veterinarian to give you information and guidance all about your doubt’s questions.


Animal Sterilization/ Neutering

Besides being a birth control method, and being convenient to many owners, neutering has the following health benefits


Operation & Surgery Room

We also use the most effective pain management techniques and medications to keep your pet as comfortable as possible.


Ward Area

Dog/Cat Wards Our hospital provides Dog/Cat Wards which have interchangeable doors so that the kennels can become oxygen cages if required.


X-Ray Room

We are using X-RAY Digital Machine which provided, Veterinarians with highest image quality for diagnosis and determine progression of the diseases, and that allows the users to view images in a minute after X-RAY exposures.


Digital Ultrasound

Veterinary Digital Ultrasound with highest quality offers more details about your pet’s health, easy and fast to treat and diagnosis to confirm what’s problem, had occurred on your pet.


Laboratory Room

We provide a full service state of the art laboratory where we can perform most lab work in–house to provide us with the vital information immediately to identify and treat your pet’s problems


Animal Rehabilitation

We provide a swimming pool with Hydrotherapy which can be used for recreation and conditioning and can also be a very effective form of rehabilitation.


Pet Shop

Our Pet Shop is provided many necessary products for pets such as; Dog and Cat Foods, Prescription Diets, Nutraceutical & Supplement Products, Wellness Medicine and a lot more.

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  1. Located on Chaofa East Road, opposite Baan Nabon School, the RTB - Rattanatibeth Referral Animal Hospital Phuket offers 24-hour emergency care for cats and dogs. They offer both general and specific medical services and other facilities for pet lovers. All services are prepared by experienced staffs with ability to make timely access, critical decisions. In addition to physical check-ups, vaccinations, X-rays & ultrasound, there are grooming and pet hotel, as well as ambulance service for emergency cases.

  2. Used this vet clinic twice for my cat and I found doctors and staff (most are young ladies) here are very kind and professional. I’m happy with their service although the cost is a higher than others. The clinic is always well kept and clean, no animal smell at all.

  3. My 2 cats got a serious itch, they keep scratching all day. I brought them to a vet clinic in Phuket Town once (not wish to mention the name of the clinic), there doc said our cats have only normal itch… really? I’m not convinced so I decided to go to the RTB which I know it would come with a higher expense. My first impression was this hospital is absolutely clean and no smell, yet they have many greeting staff at the reception. Very warm welcome, everyone is very friendly and smiley. They have 2 or 3 check up units with a doctor in each and this helps checking be done a lot more faster. Well about itch of my cat, yes they need a cure (different result from previous clinic) and we got a spray, antibac pills and liniment. Both look like getting better now. Expensive but efficient this hospital.

  4. The best thing about this hospital is their 24hr service and this helped our cat when he was injured and almost died. We have used many other animal hospitals in Phuket and nearly all of them smelly (I mean cat & dog smell) as you know, but this hospital controls that very well.

  5. I think this could be the largest pets hospital in Phuket. I brought my kitten for her vaccine, their price could be the most expensive comparing to others, don’t you think? I asked them about price for neutering and I was shocked, nearly 4000baht for female cat including blood check and lab whatever. All in all I know their service quality looks very good, but I still believe there is a better deal out there.

  6. I looked for a multi-levels cat condo and I have just realised that the RTB has a pet care shop, just opened last year. They did have it and I bought the black one from them. My 2 fat cats seemed afraid of it at first but they love it now I think. I will find more things from their petcare shop soon.

  7. They saved my cat’s life. Very good specialist. Service is great. Equipment is the best. \Prices much higher then in other hospitals, but its worth it.

  8. I called them before I took my cat here and found that staff are very helpful and speak good English. The shop is clean and provides very good facilities and services. 24 hours services is great! Recommended for all animal lover.

  9. Wish I had discovered this long ago. excellent facilities, clean, knowledgeable staff who speak good English. And a pet hotel that I didn’t know about with 24 hour onsite care.

  10. The only one animal hospital in Phuket which operate 24 hours providing full equipment including testing laboratory and dog pool therapy. No need to worry for pet lovers if you have any emergency cases whether sick or injured during nighttime. Staff are nice and friendly but it’s a little bit far from Phuket town. However, the medical bills may surprise you especially after office hours an extra charges will be applied.

  11. Found excellent service with vets who speak good English and have the correct implements for the job required for investigation of problem.

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