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SeAir Sails

Thalang, North Phuket

SeAir Sails: Dacron, Laminate, MXL Membrane, and Downwind Sails. Sailmaker & repair in Maikhao

SeAir Sails’ mission is to produce sails to your personal requirements at reasonable prices.

Each sail we sell, is custom designed and manufactured to meet the buyers individual requirements.

In the years we have been established, SeAir Sails have proven very fast on the race course and provided longevity for cruising, recreational and commercial sailing activities.

As a small business, our clients are very important and we strive to give all of them a high degree of individual attention.

We take care to look at sails from the buyer’s perspective and recommend only construction methods and materials we think are appropriate.

Our Racing sails are designed and constructed for optimum performance while our Cruising sails are built for longevity but are still powerful as you need the power when sailing in lighter breezes.

The reality is that most boats fall between the extremes above.

All our sails are designed to be “fast” and we tailor the materials and construction methods used to the individual owner’s use requirements and to be as cost efficient as possible.

The high number of return customers we have is testament to our sails.

In formatting this website, we have tried to adopt a fairly minimalist approach, giving you straight information rather than a lot of editorial writing.

We are more than happy to discuss your individual requirements and ways we can meet these.

Minimum 10 words. Please read our reviews policy.

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