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How can I have my business listed on Phuket.Net?

If your business isn’t already listing on our business directory and you’d like to have it listed, simply complete the online listing form.

How did my business information end up on Phuket.Net?

We gather business information from public records and other sources. We also get business information from our users, who are helpful enough to correct the info we have, or let us know about a new businesses that have opened.

How do I update my business details?

If the information for your business is incorrect or has changed and you do not have a Phuket.Net login details to edit your business, then you will need to claim your business first. If you have a Phuket.Net login, you can edit your business by logging-in to your account and making the changes yourself.

How do I claim my business listing?

If your business is already listed on Phuket.Net, but you do not have the login details to edit your business, you will need to complete our online claim form. We will usually process your request within 3 days and you can then edit your business details.

How can I have my business details removed?

If you have the login details to manage your business, simply login to your account and you can delete your business. If you do not have the login details, please contact us detailing the reason(s) for deleting the listing.

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