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The Thanyapura Mind Centre (TMC) is at the forefront of the global movement seeking to bring the benefits of mental training into the modern mainstream. The Mind Centre endeavours to make these mental training practices accessible to all, by offering a regular calendar of world-class meditation, psychology, yoga and related programmes.

Programmes at the Mind Centre are open to all and are delivered on a non-sectarian basis. The Centre offers a year-round calendar of classes, retreats and conferences. These programmes are customized for a wide variety of audiences, including beginners, experienced practitioners, individuals, families, corporate groups and sports teams.

Through its unique mind-body partnership with the Thanyapura Sports & Leisure Club, the Mind Centre offers cutting-edge Sports Mindfulness training to complement athletes’ physical training. Additionally, the Centre offers Corporate Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence training through a variety of on-site and off-site programmes.

Recent programmes at the Mind Centre have been led by such internationally recognized teachers as:

B. Alan Wallace Paul Ekman
Robert Thurman Roshi Joan Halifax
Matthieu Ricard Venerable Tenzin Priyadarshi.

The Centre is dedicated to being a leader in bringing ancient contemplative practices together with rigorous modern scientific methods. In conjunction with this effort, the Centre has partnered with several major universities in conducting research programmes on location at Thanyapura.

Sports Mindfulness Training programs
The Centre offers a unique menu of mental training to extend athletes’ physical stamina, while improving focus, resilience and impulse control while maintaining “flow’’.

Corporate Mindfulness Training programmes
Executive leadership and staff development programs, tailored to the high-pressured corporate workplace, are designed to enhance focus, productivity and creativity, while simultaneously helping to reduce and manage stress.

Conferences & Retreats
The Centre is currently developing a calendar of annual conferences and retreats. The first such conference, Mindfulness in Education, is scheduled for 19th – 21st October 2012.


Dr. B. Alan Wallace – Chairman, Thanyapura Mind Centre
B. Alan Wallace began studying Tibetan Buddhism, language and culture in 1970 at Germany’s University of Göttingen before continuing his studies over the next 14 years in India, Switzerland and the United States. Ordained as a Buddhist monk by His Holiness the Dalai Lama in 1975, he has taught Buddhist meditation and philosophy worldwide since1976 and has served as interpreter for numerous Tibetan scholars and leaders, including the Dalai Lama. After graduating summa cum laude and phi beta kappa from Amherst College, where he studied physics and the philosophy of science, he returned his monastic vows in 1987 and went on to earn his Ph.D. in religious studies at Stanford University. He then taught for four years in the Department of Religious Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and is now the founder and president of the Santa Barbara Institute for Consciousness Studies. Dr. Wallace has edited, translated, written and contributed to more than 40 books on Tibetan Buddhism, medicine, language and culture and the interface between science and religion. His most recent books include Mind in the Balance: Meditation in Science, Buddhism, and Christianity, Embracing Mind: The Common Ground of Science and Spirituality, and Hidden Dimensions: The Unification of Physics and Consciousness.

Andrea Capellari – Meditation Teacher, Thanyapura Mind Centre
Andrea Capellari teaches meditation regularly to hundreds of students and also leads intensive meditation retreats, focusing specifically on the cultivation of Concentration and Meditative Insight. Having earned a Master certificate in NLP in 2002, he is integrating these skills with the experience of advanced meditative systems, promoting the growth of awareness and perception, in their various applications in the fields of sensory cognition, introspection and development of emotional balance. Since 2004, he has worked in the fields of corporate and athletic coaching. Capellari has devoted himself to the study of meditation practice and Buddhist theory since 1983 under the guidance of leading Tibetan masters. Since 1988 he has translated for many great lamas of the Tibetan tradition and beginning in 2001 he has served as interpreter for the Italian language for His Holiness the Dalai Lama during His visits to Italy and abroad. He has dedicated himself to a rigorous exercise of development of concentration during a retreat of two years, in total isolation on a mountain in Spain.

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