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Phuket International Aesthetic Center (PIAC): is a partnership bringing together some of Thailand’s leading Plastic Surgeons and one of Phuket’s leading and largest private hospital’s, Phuket International Hospital.

This partnership provides you with quality and affordable plastic surgery procedures, in Phuket’s tropical paradise. Offering a complete range of Breast Surgery including Breast Augmentation(Breast Implants), Liposuction, Tummy Tuck, Rhinoplasty and Face Lifts, our Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery is the first choice if you are considering an image change.

Our Plastic Surgery Center attracts patients from all over the world, many of whom combine their procedures with a relaxing holiday. Within this site you will be able to obtain information on the procedures that we offer, our attractive prices as well as obtaining cost estimates for airfare travel, hotels and the procedure that you are looking for. Find out more by navigating through our website.

Breast Implants

Breast Augmentation (Round up to 499cc.) Breast Augmentation (Round > 500cc.) Breast Augmentation (dual plane round) Breast Augmentation (Tear drop) Endoscopic breast augmentation (round up to 499cc)

Breast Surgery

Nipple Reduction Areolar Reduction Correction of inverted nipple Male Areola Reduction Male Breast Reduction

Breast Lift / Reduction-Lift + Implant

Breast Lift Breast Reduction Breast Reduction with free nipple graft (no implant) Breast Reduction with free nipple graft (with round implant) Breast Lift with Implant (Round) Breast Lift Implant (Tear Drop) Breast Reduction-Lift with Implant (Round) Breast Reduction with chest wall contouring and implant (round)

Revision Breast Implants

Removal of Breast Implant Removal of Breast Implant + Capsulectomy Simple Revision of Breast Implant Revision Breast Implant + Reduction-lift Revision Breast Implant + Reduction-lift (Tear Drop) Re-Implant Surgery (Round) 6 mos. after removal

Face Lift

Face & Neck Lift Forehead lift (Coronal Brow Lift) Face Lift Neck Lift Forehead lift, Face lift, Neck lift Neck Lift + Mentoplasty (muscle repair)

Eyelid Surgery

Upper blepharoplasty L.A. Lower blepharoplasty L.A. Upper OR lower blepharoplasty Four lids plasty L.A. Four lids plasty G.A.

Brow Surgery

Lateral brow lift L.A. Lateral brow lift G.A. Coronal Brow Lift (Forehead Lift) Augmentation Rhinoplasty & Alarplasty Augmentation Rhinoplasty Alarplasty Removal of Nasal Silicone implant Reduction Rhinoplasty

Ear Surgery

Prominent Ear Correction Earlobe repair (after piercing)


Minor Liposuction under L.A. Traditional Liposuction - 1st Area Liposuction Each extra area (Per Area) Cool Lipo

Body Contouring

Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) with trad lip Belt Lipectomy Belt Lipectomy with trad lipo Brachioplasty Thigh Lift (Medial) Thigh Lift (Lateral) Buttock Implant Excision of excess skin-fat (back)

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  1. Well trained staff, good doctor and fast service. My husband has bad stomach pain, we went to clinic 2 times but their tablets could not help. We decided to come here. It was busy on that day but we waited only 10 minutes then the doctor came and gave him an injection and gave some tablets. We paid more than clinic but still reasonable and worth it as my husband was getting better in next day.

  2. I decided to have her breast augmentation here after being referred by an agency back home. I have to say the results were very satisfactory and the whole experience was excellent. The clinic helped us with booking our accommodation in Phuket as well as arranging transportation to the hospital. The surgeon was extremely professional and gave me a lot of confidence. Finally it worked out a whole load cheaper than in Oz but I could not be happier with the end result.

  3. I visited this nice place during my holiday to have a small mole removed. I went in at 3 pm and they gave good service and check my skin and I asked for mole to me removed and they did it quickly with a special tool. I enjoyed the experience and recommend this venue.
    Sally Miles

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