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Maximum Fitness and Combat Center

Patong, West Phuket

Thailand is an exotic East-Asian country which sees millions of people flock to its shores on an annual basis; many of whom are here to learn the art of Muay Thai, the country’s national sport and commonly referred to as ‘the world’s deadliest martial art’.

The diversity of Thailand means that every place offers something different. From cities to villages to coastal resorts and islands alike; Thailand offers something for everyone and every taste. Training holidays have become much more popular, and in Thailand there is so much variety; for those wishing to get ‘down and dirty’ and train Muay Thai ‘the Thai way’, there are gyms in Bangkok and the provinces populated by anything from 80-100% Thais, which to many is an authentic experience, and cities, villages and islands alike all offer the more tourist-centric gyms too. Our key to success is being unique.
Here at Maximum Fitness & Combat Centre, we offer what NO ONE ELSE in Thailand does; a beachfront gym on a tropical island with world class facilities, staffed by top notch professionals and experts in their fields, that caters to every need; from Muay Thai, to MMA, to BJJ and submission grappling, to fitness, strength & conditioning, to crossfit, to yoga; whatever your training holiday will entail and consist of, and what your needs and goals are, MFCC caters to you, and in a brand new beachfront facility to boot.

Nowhere else in Thailand is this available.

Maximum Fitness & Combat Centre is set against the backdrop of the crystal blue of the Andaman sea on Patong Beach, right on the sand. There is nothing but sand between the world class plush facilities of MFCC’s gym and combat centre and the turquoise of the ocean.

Here at Maximum, we offer a world class gym with world class facilities alongside a combat centre with world class staff and equipment; two brand new rings, a brand new cage, a matted, padded area for grappling, and a Muay Thai section for bag work, with a brand new gym next door with brand new equipment and top-of-the-range facilities.

Whether your training holiday is martial arts orientated and you wish to study Muay Thai, or you’d like a more diverse range with BJJ, submission grappling and MMA, or crossfit, or simply if you need a great place to work out by the beach, build muscle tone, stay trim and sweat out the holiday alcohol, Maximum Fitness & Combat Centre is the place for you.

Of all the many gyms in Thailand, we are the only brand new, world class facility right on the beachfront that can cater to your every need; be it Muay Thai, MMA, grappling, fitness, strength & conditioning, yoga or crossfit; MFCC alone ticks every box and we have the facilities, the staff and the location to fulfil your every need and help you realise your dreams… while living them!

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