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Rang Hill Dental Clinic

Phuket Town
12 reviews

DDS Dental Clinic

Phuket Town
6 reviews

Samkong Dental Clinic

Phuket Town
3 reviews

Phuket Cosmetic Dental Clinic

Phuket Town
3 reviews

Children Family Dental Clinic

Phuket Town
2 reviews

Chamroon Dental Clinic

Phuket Town
2 reviews
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Latest Reviews

Review of Children Family Dental Clinic

Well since I was living in Phuket. Keep looking for the good dental clinic. My friend re commend the one near Khao Rang. But this is Children FAmily Dental Clinic is just located in the good location at the traffic light junction so it very easy to spot. I stop by without an appointment in advance so the reception check the schedule and ask me to come back next day. On the appointment day I found the doctor quite young but very professional. He have very light hand and always give the comfort wording all the times.


Review of Dente Smile Dental Clinic

Had a check up with x ray, a small filling and teeth cleaned amd polished, cost just over 2,500 baht. Quick and professional, spoke English . Dental charges clear, and cheap compared to the UK. lucky I did not need any filling but a think of having my teeth whiten when I come back to phuket later in the year


Review of Dental Care Clinic Phuket

Just feel like being in a small shell museum here. Very relaxing and classic inside decoration. I had done a porcelain crown with dentist here. The dentist was very skillful and informative. Job was very well done. Quite impressed!


Review of Dental and Gums Clinic Phuket

Got here for my molar teeth’s root canal treatment, I found dentist there and staff were very helpful and efficient. Price wise, not as expensive as many others who charge tourists higher than locals. I love this small dental clinic.

Dental clinics is a booming business in Phuket due to their lower costs compared to US and European counterparts. Many visitors schedule trips to Phuket solely to get dental work done and many are impressed with the high levels of service and professionalism involved.

Many Thai dentists studied and mastered their trade at schools in Europe and the US and utilize the latest procedures and treatments available at a fraction of the cost elsewhere.

A great option while on vacation in Phuket is to book an oral check-up and cleaning session that involves a few hours that brings long term benefits.

Many clinics specialize in cosmetic dental work and offer many affordable options.

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