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DDS Dental Clinic
3.5 out of 5 based on 6 reviews.
Phuket Town, Phuket Town & Central

The D.D.S. dental clinic was established in 1987 with the aim of providing the best dental treatment with a reasonable price and affordable for everyone.

The expansion of dental technology allows us to achieve to significantly beautify your smile. With the best of our most current dental technical equipment such as:

Sirona 3D imaging machine

Safe implant with GALILEOS Implant software

Mectron Piezosurgery

Our qualified  team of dental specialist and general  dentist will supply you with everything  you desire and will discuss with you in depth in order to make the best treatment plan for your beautiful smile.

Our doctors:
1 Dr Thianchai Phattarapornjaroen D.D.S.
2 Dr Pratana  Phattarapornjaroen D.D.S.
3 Dr Pornthep Leebhumivanich D.D.S. M.S. Prosthodontics
4 Dr Narumol Phattarapornjaroen D.D.S. M.S. Implantology
5 Dr Tanit Phattarapornjaroen D.D.S. M.S.Prosthodontics
6 Dr Natdanai Nagasinha D.D.S.

DDS Dental Clinic is easy to find being located in the centre of Phuket Town, On Phuket Road, set between the Clock Tower Traffic Circle and the Public Lan Nawamin Exercise Area.


Cosmetic Dentistry

Bleaching Closing anterior teeth spacing Veneer facing anterior teeth



Crown and Bridge Dental Implantation Removable Partial Denture Complete Denture



Fixed Appliance Removable Appliance


SmilWhite (Bleaching gel)

Preparation Mixing the gel Application


Restorative Dentistry

Tooth Color Filling Inlay Onlay (Porcelain, Gold, Palladium Inlay Onlay) Facing veneer with composite resin


Oral Surgery

Dental Implantation Surgical removed of impacts teeth Extraction



Root canal therapy Pulpectomy Root Resection Pulpotomy


SmileWhite (Dental Dam)

Preparation Application

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  1. DDS Dental Clinic is modern private clinic that has been caring for the dental health of Phuket’s residents and visitors for over two decades. Staffed by experienced dental professional, the clinic provides a wide range of treatments from the straightforward oral exams to high performance cosmetic dentistry. DDS Dental Clinic is located in Phuket Town along Phuket Road, just south of the Surin Clocktower traffic circle.

  2. Filling 2 teeth at this clinic in phuket town. They proposed me colour filling which looked nice. Dentist was quite professional and spent not too long with my 2 broken teeth. I think most of dental clinics in Thailand are good and this one has become our another favourite one.

  3. One of my fillings fell out. Went here and they quickly refilled it. They did a good job as they cleaned and checked all my teeth. I needed an injection as they had to slightly drill the tooth with the missing filling. Cost about 2100.

  4. I came here for tooth filling and root canal therapy following my close friend’s advice, but when I walked into this clinic, a staff told me to go to their sister branch around 300 metres away. She said there were many people waiting and I might have to wait for too long… Their sister branch looks more modern and seems like having better and up to date instrument. Price was normal, I mean not different from other clinics. It is just ok in my opinion but I would prefer to try other new clinics which are many in town next time.

  5. I used them for my recent implants. The clinic looks classic at my first sight but when getting inside, dentist here has one of the very high-tech equipment; 3D x-ray. It allowed my dentist and I to see what they should do best for my implants; position, design and size bla bla. Well dentists here are also skilful and implants were quite satisfying. Price was acceptable as it is definitely a lot cheaper than what I could have in Europe!

  6. Was recommended to DDS clinic by a friend and they were excellent. The doctors were great and it was actually one of the best dentist experiences I have ever had, much better than back home. I had 2 cavities filled and it was a quick and painless procedure. Very happy to find this clinic!

  7. I believe the DDS clinic was the one I used few years ago for my tooth pull and fillings. Local people know them as Rak-Fun dental clinic, if I’m not wrong. There are 2 branches which are not far from each other, one is near to the clock tower roundabout and other one (more modern) is just 100m away. Reasonable quality but when compared to a lot more options now, there many more better clinics in my opinion…

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