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Bangkok Hospital Phuket
4.1 out of 5 based on 8 reviews.
Phuket Town, Phuket Town & Central

Bangkok Hospital Phuket is an international standard hospital located in Samkong area, in Phuket Town.

We offers a wide and comprehensive range of healthcare and treatment services for both local and international patients.

The 24 specialised healthcare centres include heart centre, cosmetic surgery, bone & joint centre, dental centre, eye centre and skin centre etc.

There are 4 clinics that consist of acupuncture clinic, allergy clinic, children clinic and general medicine clinic.

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  1. Last month my japanese friend had serious motorcycle accident, she need urgent ankle operation. They used state-of-the-art-technology equipments, just 2 days after operation my friend can go back home. During her stay at the hospital she was taken care of very well. Personally, I never admit here before because it is too expensive and I have no life insurance.

  2. After being disappointed with several dental clinics in Phuket Town, I decided to try Dental centre here at Bangkok Phuket Hospital. The receptionist created my patient record which took only 5 minutes and one of them escorted me to the 5th floor (Dental Centre). Every staff was smiley, helpful and they all seem always ready to serve. Dentist started with asking about overall symptom and any special requests. Then she explained clearly what I had to do to my teeth. She recommended to do mouth X-Ray for her more exact diagnosis, which I did. I had 2 teeth fillings and root canal treatment for next appointment. Great care and reasonable price.

  3. Not busy and quick service. I was very impressed with Dr. & nurses. They are polite & professional. To be honest, if I have had no life insurance I could never admit here because it is too expensive.

  4. Treated here for eyes lasik surgery last year. Come here, if you want good service and have a good health insurance. Not only spacious private rooms but their service like a 5 star resort. For foreigners, have many languages translator like Russia, Chinese and Italian…

  5. Very professional and quick to when I needed care. Doctor was compassionate and demonstrated his experience level by curing me. Probably the place where they charge most but tolerable with insurance co-pays.

  6. The doctor found cancer in my wife’s naso-pharynx and she required urgent surgery to remove that and send it to a lab in BKK. Their high tech Laparoscopic Surgery is very good. My wife stayed their only one night after the surgery and we went home the next morning. I must say their management and service are very good. We now waiting for next step of treatment like CT scan, radiation therapy and many more.

  7. I was treated here for an ear infection (no insurance). Yes, it was a bit pricey but they were very professional and competent. Not sure where else I would go.

  8. If you have good health insurance and need medical attention, come here.
    If money is no object and you need medical attention, come here.
    For the rest of us it might be a little pricey. Phuket’s “best” hospital has great facilities, private rooms which you could easily mistake for a 5-star resort and the level of service you would expect for the price. We’re lucky that Phuket has such a facility, but it’s not affordable to all.

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