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Patong Hospital

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Patong, West Phuket

Patong Hospital is the only public medical and health care service in Patong, Phuket.

The hospital is located in a very convenient location on Sainamyen road and offers a variety of treatment services.

General treatment doctors are available daily, however if you require a specialist clinic, you have to check their schedule from Monday to Friday.

Some of the available specialists here are Ashma & COPD clinic, ear nose and throat clinic, pediatrics, hypertension clinic, orthopaedics and diabetes. Call the hospital if you are unsure about time and schedule.

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  1. Unfortunately we had to visit Patong hospital for an injury from a motorbike accident. We found the staff and level of service surprisingly good. We were seen to quickly and were treated and advised professionally. Then there was the bill; extremely reasonable, especially when compared to “other” hospitals on the island. Hopefully we won’t have to visit again, but I wouldn’t think twice about it if we did.

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