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Santosa Detox & Wellness Center
4.7 out of 5 based on 10 reviews.
Karon, West Phuket

The Santosa Wellness Center near Kata and Karon beaches aims to assist with every body’s healthiness by using their best detox and wellness programs. We have our own developed platform which efficiently helps restore the balance of body, mind and spirit. The modern detox program is specially designed to remove years of pent up toxins from your cells. This will result in your body having an improved immune system, better metabolism, hormonal equilibrium, weight loss, enhanced mental and emotional clarity, glowing skin and an increase in energy and vitality.

There are altogether six types of program focusing on detoxification and fitness. The programs come with various degrees of intensity, so you have flexible choice on how you wish to achieve your expected results. We will ensure your chosen wellness program is personally tailored to your specific needs.

Apart from the very good wellness programs, Sentosa Wellness Center also have beautiful modern 1-2 bedroom apartments for rent, relaxing ambiance restaurant and a very special virgin coconut massage oil fused spa.

The Sentosa Wellness Center can be found after a few minutes downhill drive from Chalong Circle heading to Kata-Karon area, on the left hand side, on Kataburi Alley before Baan Kata School and Khoktanode Alley. It is less than 10 minutes drive from sandy and quieter Kata and Karon Beach.

Please send us an inquiry to discover what Santosa can do for you.


Pre-Cleanse at Santosa

Santosa's range of fasting detox programs are very popular, but quite intense. For this reason we strongly recommend that our guests follow some pre-cleanse protocols before attending any of our detox programs, especially the Full Fast and Juice Fast.


Pre-Cleanse at Home

The pre-cleansing protocols that you adopt at home will start flushing acid residues out of your body, slowly and in a gradually healthy way. Pre-cleansing aims to reduce the amount of acid and mucus in your system, so that your PH level drops, and your detox program with us has its best chance of restoring your body to its optimal alkaline state.


Full Fast Detox

The Full Fast detox is a researched and evidence based program that marries together past proven concepts with the latest technology and new ideas.


Juice Fast Detox

Juice fasting is, without any doubt, the most effective biological method of treatment. It is the operation without surgery.


Raw Food Detox

Raw Food Fast Detox Program brings together nutritional science and holistic therapies with the most potent nutrients available in a personally tailored raw food diet.


Body Fit

This program focuses on exercise and holistic therapies, to force you to ‘sweat out’ years of built up toxicity within your cells, and refuels them with delicious raw food, juices, supplements and nutritional support.


Kick Start

The program focuses on providing the body with the basics – The right food, the right exercise and the right lifestyle education.

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  1. The facility is impressive there are many programmes to choose, I had lessons in yoga, mediation. Accommodation was comfortable. I’m feel refreshed after all the holiday. Staffs are helpful and knowledgeable,The restaurant has a beautiful view point I love it so much.

  2. I was staying 1 week in Kata Ocean View for the detox program here at Santosa Detox &Wellness Center. It was a great week ever with all healthy program and different training classes and the raw food there was pretty good actually. Also the room I stayed with an amazing ocean view. Nothing I can say more just love it!!

  3. The place is fantastic. I had a nice detox experience here and amazing juice bar and raw food restaurant I ever had. The staffs are caring and knowledgeable. Made it all truly special holiday. I will definitely come back to stay here.

  4. I love their raw food and juice, all are very well prepared and yes very yummy. I ordered Popeye salad that contains spinach and veggie sausage more than 1 times and it became probably my main course while I was there. The detox manager recommended us a very good diet plan and I was also impressed with all the staff who are always helpful and smiley.

    • Thanks for the kind words Zoltin. Just so you know, we’re changing our menu soon. Our chef, Susanna, has come up with some very yummy dishes. We hope to see you again very soon.

  5. I am a Vegan and very impressed with raw food menus there and yummy. Staffs are excellent and helpful. The restaurant has a beautiful view point of the ocean. Well worth a visit, wether you are Vegetarian or not!!

    • Thanks for visiting us Rose and leaving a great review. You’ll be happy to know we are coming out with a new menu with more mouth watering dishes. We hope to see you again soon.

  6. The Santosa Spa is a very well run and impressive spa offering a wide range of spa treatments, exercise classes and fine vegan cuisine. I spent a week at the spa during which I had several treatments which were all of excellent quality. All staff were pleasant and professional and the cuisine was excellent. It was a wonderful and relaxing experience and I plan to return.

  7. A well run and maintained health spa. Sarah was outstanding. The centre has a steam room, sauna, pool, fitness room. I had lessons in yoga, mediation and even cooking. Accommodation was spacious and comfortable. The organic, vegan, vegetarian food restaurant was an experience, the food was surprisingly good, I should be more open minded. There is a lot to do here, time went quickly and I lost some weight.

  8. The facility is very impressive there are many & varied programmes to choose I love pilates class and the Zumba.The steam room set up is good.Great way to feel refreshed after all the holiday.Highly recommended

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