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Lemongrass House Headquater

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Cherng Talay, North Phuket


We established Lemongrass House in 1996 and are continually developing specialized farm fresh aromatherapy/spa treatments and products at a professional and therapeutic standard for Spa’s and Salon’s around the world.

Lacquered lemon yellow and lime green, three shipping containers set along the road between Surin and Bang Tao Beaches in Phuket hardly look like a source of products for paperers.

Inside, however, body lotions, skin-calming powders and massage oils are concocted on the spot, using more than 90 natural scents and essential oils

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  1. Whenever I visit Phuket I aways make time for a visit to Lemongrass House. I was a little overwhelmed the first time I walked into the store by the sheer selection of products on offer. This place is unique and a gem for oils, scents, lotions and a whole lot more. There’s no way you’re gonna miss it from the road; it’s big, lime green and the structure is made of shipping containers.

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