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HomePro @Tesco Lotus Phuket

Phuket Town
10 reviews


Phuket Town
4 reviews

Adisak Trading Co.,Ltd.

Phuket Town
2 reviews

HomePro @Chalong

2 reviews


Phuket Town
1 review

Sangchai Sanitary Ware & Ceramics

Phuket Town
0 reviews
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Theerawut Auto

Stone Installation & Service (SIS)

Project Supplies Direct

Polymer Master Co.,Ltd.

Phuket Siamnanaphan

HomePro @Chalong

Phuket Homemartphan Wood Store

Phuket A&P Trading Limited Parnership

Namsang Chakkol Co.,Ltd.

Lek Star Group


Jomthong Home Mart

Contex Phuket Co.,Ltd.

Chalong Glass Aluminum

Humwan Co.,Ltd.

Latest Reviews

Review of HomePro @Tesco Lotus Phuket

I love this place because they are many brand to choose, everything I need for my house is in here so I don’t need to drive around, I bought fridge/washing machine/dishwasher/TV etc for our new house. There was a great promotion, big discount of all appliances. Love to go back


Review of Baansukapun

Went there to get some ideas to renovate our bathroom. The sale staff was nice and had not great but ok English skill. We knew they tried their best. We bought some Cotto sanitary wares, a bit slow at cashier but other services are acceptable.


Review of HomePro @Tesco Lotus Phuket

As other reviewers have said the issue I have is that the staff are selling by brand and not by product therefore they only know about or want to sell their brand, and do not give the best product advice. Having said that they do sell a wide range of products but they need to improve the customers experience, I would go there more often if they did, instead of having to go there when I have no other choice.


Review of HomePro @Chalong

I prefer this branch to the one in Lotus on the bypass even though its slightly further for me to drive. I can usually find everythign i need and the staff tend to be more helpful but will also leave me in peace when i want. Also handy that I can stock up on cheese and sausages at Villa Mart.

In the mood for a DIY project at home? Building supply stores are everywhere in Phuket and spending a few hours in these shops can be an adventure in itself. Local Thais can offer a wealth of information as to which of the many building supply stores are best for certain products such as paint, machinery, tools, wood or aluminum.

Several companies listed below offer specialty products such as skylights or custom made window and door frames. Others include contractors and construction firms for larger building projects. Several nationally known brand name stores offer thousands building and supply items.

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