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HomePro @Tesco Lotus Phuket
3.5 out of 5 based on 11 reviews.
Phuket Town, Phuket Town & Central

Large one-stop home improvement store. Located at Tesco Lotus on the By-pass Road. Opening times: Daily from 9am to 9pm.

Departments include:

– Appliances
– Bathroom & Accessories
– Bedding & Accessories
– Building Materials
– Ceramic Tiles
– Doors & Windows
– Furniture
– Garden & Outdoor Living
– Hand & Power Tool
– Hardware
– Houseware
– Kitchens & Accessories
– Lighting
– Painting
– Plumbing

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  1. HomePro is a huge store, with household, building and garden items. It seems to be the popular place in Phuket to buy kitchen appliances and interior furnishings. It also sells bedroom and bathroom products such as towels duvets and duvet covers. The staff are extremely helpful and you can get a discount card for future purchases.

  2. I love this place because they are many brand to choose, everything I need for my house is in here so I don’t need to drive around, I bought fridge/washing machine/dishwasher/TV etc for our new house. There was a great promotion, big discount of all appliances. Love to go back

  3. As other reviewers have said the issue I have is that the staff are selling by brand and not by product therefore they only know about or want to sell their brand, and do not give the best product advice. Having said that they do sell a wide range of products but they need to improve the customers experience, I would go there more often if they did, instead of having to go there when I have no other choice.

  4. I was looking for fridge and washing machine for our new house. I just stopped here for window shopping but there was a great promotion, big discount of all appliances. The fridge with 2 doors, samsung from 57,900 to 30,000 Baht!!! so, I took it and washing machine, Electrolux, from 29,900 to 18,900 Baht only..OMG. I was very happy, success shopping ever 😉

  5. There are almost everything for house and always has promotions. I like that they provides product in several prices, brands and qualities, so I can check and compare. I Agree with above comments, there are many staff around the place..don’t look at their eyes, they will come straightaway to you..but when you ask them something, they will not always answer your question..funny but annoying sometime! So, I prefer to go there, just picking up or choose what I want then pay at the cashier..don’t ask the staff.

  6. There were many staff every where in the shop which most of them are very helpful but some didn’t know what they have for sale here, I was asking for some stuff which they told me they don’t have it here then I walked a little further and found them on the shelve!!

  7. Looking for a new water heater, my friend suggest here because there are many brands. At my first step, wow$#@!% staff were everywhere, but not working they are talking. When I arrive at water heater dept, 3 staff poached to present their own brands, not professional and feel uncomfortable. Changed my mind to find some in Central Festival or Home work instead. No first impression!

  8. I went to shop here last week for a good but not too expensive door knob for my house’s entrance door. Many Homepro staff were around and they were busy checking stuff and kept moving their mobile stairs, interrupting me of choosing door knob. I have to keep escaping from the door knob shelves and no “apologies” from them. Apart from that their product presentation shelves were good, easy for me to test every type of door knob I was interested in. I finally bought the Hafele knob lockset less than a thousand baht…good price and high quality.

  9. Looking for a new microwave then come here because close to my house and there are many brands of appliances. Many staff come to service and urge me, but I like Electrolux, Mr. Luasun is polite and give me good info….should be their member to get point and discount

  10. My husband and I often buy appliances, lighting stuff and building materials there. They sometimes have promotional price for electronic items and furniture. We recently got 70 % discounted price. Just keep an eye on their promotion sign. Warm welcome and useful suggestion from their staff pleased us.

  11. Their staff are everywhere, they kept coming to ask if I wanted any info or help… this is good but sometimes this seems too much as I couldn’t concentrate on what I planned to buy. Finally, I got a very good deal for Teka oven and a large Sharp refrigerator with through-the-door water dispenser.

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